Friday, August 14, 2009


If you disagree with the Philly Eagles decision to hire Vick put this logo on your blog.


We heard on the news that Vick was hired by the Philly Eagles. We cannot believe that a team would even consider taking him on as a team member.

He (along with the teams coach) thinks he should get a second chance...We don't! The dogs he killed don't get a second chance why should Vick?

What message is this sending to America? If you are a celebrity then you can commit a horrible crime get a slap on the wrist and be back to your "job" with no other repercussions.

There has been a petition started for people against Vick. We know that it may not get Vick removed from the team but by signing the petition it will show them that there are people who disagree and that we will not be silenced. We signed will you?

Here is the link:


On the other paw we cannot forget about the dogs who did make it out alive and who are still fighting to live a normal life. Also we cannot forget the rescues (Best Friends Society, Bad Rap) who took on these dogs and worked with them day after day to teach them how to be dogs.



  1. Picking up and tranferring the logo now...I am a BIG football fan (thank goodness I like the NY Giants) but I WILL boycott watching all Eagles games until this dog murdering (sorry for the harshness) "man" is not playing for the team any more...

    Stepping off the soapbox now...

  2. I will be glad to post, we are Packer fans. I hope he can't sleep at night hearing the cries of those dogs.

    Anne for Sasha

  3. Thanks for the logo Molly and Bobo! I WILL BE WATCHING Eagles games and writing down all the advertisers that will not get this family's money (I am starting a list for my blog). Unless Michael Vick donates his salary to Dogtown or some other worthy charity AND the president of the Humane Society endorses Vick to play.

  4. Thanks for the logo. We will be putting it up ASAP. We are so appalled by this and the man that we are speechless...for now anyway.

  5. thanks.....we have just signed the petition too

  6. Very well said. I totally agree with you. Thanks for the graphic for my blog.
    By the way, you have a wonderful blog.

  7. We don't know about this - can we use being in the UK as an excuse?
    Sounds dreadful - off to read more.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  8. We have just read this and are appalled!!!
    Thank you for the link.

  9. Hi Mollie and Bobo,

    Mom believes we should try to give everyone a second chance. But we hate what this guy did to those doggies so much that we can't forgive him. (Mom is not at all surprised a team hired him cause the bottom line for them is winning.)


  10. Arg! What a system, eh? Will be signing the petition and watching the news for updates.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. We are very sad to hear this. We hope the Eagles Franchise come to there senses soon.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  12. I'm not surprised they hired this awful man back either. It's about winning and money. Sick! Thank you for this terrific post and logo! I've already signed the petition.

  13. I signed and added pic to my blog. I wasn't surprised he got hired again, just plain disgusted!!!!!!

  14. Yeah, we are very shocked, too. Mom will be by later (if she EVER updates for me) to pick up the pic - she already signed the petition. Both Mom and Dad (who is usually silent) are shocked and horrified that this guy is being let play, and is getting zillions of dollars for it. (And he's making "dumb-ass" comments - that's Mom's phrase - about what he's "learned". Yeah. Whatever. Ugh.)

    *kissey face*

  15. Hi New Friend
    We don't like that Vick
    Benny & Lily

  16. Let us hope that the Eagles notice when consumers vote with their wallets.

    Bad call!

  17. We think that seein' as you's don't like Mr. Michael Vick you would like to see what we have up on our bloggy and maybe want to tell you's momma about it. Nice to meet you. We found you cuz we was visitin' with Dory.


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