Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Telling: Key to the Clinic

Last Friday momma tricked us into thinking we was going bye bye to the bank but ya know where we ended up?

Thats right! How did you ever guess?

Well since nobody would have been home momma took us to the kennel with her while she worked. She did goat birth certificates, filled out triple registration forms and so on but before she came to get us Dr. Flanary gave her something. A key to the clinic. Seems as though the weekend kennel worker had other plans and they wanted momma to cover the shift. Both morning and afternoon shifts. Momma happily agreed. She seems to like walking, feeding and watering doggies a little too much! Anyhoo after the longest time like 853 million hours momma finally spung us from the boarding suite. And we were finally on our way to...

...THE BANK! Momma had to deposit her pay check and I had to withdraw some...

...Milk Bones! Yummy Yum!

Saturday morning momma went in to do her kennel work and found this little cutie. Its a Persian cat with a fun hair cut! Although the cat didn't seem to like being all nekkid and was a bit angry! Momma said that her spoiled mood spread to the other kitties in the adjacent kennels and they were all hissing at her as she tried to feed them.

Then she moved to the less angry animals...the dogs. Of course she fed, walked and loved on Spunky first! And somebody had given him a bed. How cool milk bones is that? With him being and older gentleman he sure needed the extra softness that only a bed can provide.

Momma finally got pictures of the nekkid doggies Rosie (Chinese Crested). However she seems to have furs to me. I mean yea they are short furs but them is furs none the less!

Then she showed us a pic of Eshan. Yep now thats a truly nekkid doggie! And he is being quite fashionable in his mini tye dye tank top! Momma says sorry its such an odd photo but its the only time he stays still. BOL

She also got to work with a Schnauzer named Nubby...

...A Shih Tzu named Muffin...

...A Shar-Pei mix puppy named Sadie...

...A boxer boy named Pauley and a Pointer named Harvey Jean!

Momma said it was a fun morning filled with fun doggies but the best part of the day hadn't even begun. I some how don't believe her but....

That afternoon momma said that I could go with her to the clinic. I quickly declined the offer. I have spent enough time there.

However she assured me that I could have free run of the clinic and I could do whatever I want. So I decided to join her.

Unlocking the door!

And heading inside.

Its kind of cool to have free run of the clinic! Just me and Buttercup!

First momma showed the the food fridge and the vaccines she made.

Then I went to the reception area and tried out Melissa's chair. Hmm...I think I could like this job!

Next patient please

Then to be funny momma put me in the surgery kennel. Then she stuck her finger in the kennel and I bit her again! You would think she would learn her lesson...but NO! And no I ain't ashamed!!!!

After she walked, fed and watered the dogs again it was time to head home. Come on momma lets go...its almost my dinner time!

Ok so the second visit was kinda fun but mommas gotta stop stuffing me in those kennels.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

*Note from the momma: When I put Mollie in the kennel and I poke my fingers through the bars she does bite my fingers but doesn't do bite hard and the fact the she only has a few toofers doesn't make it to threatening. She is not being aggressive just letting me know she is sooo unhappy and being a brat. I don't want anyone to think she is really being aggressive or hurting me.


  1. Oooooo Rosie looks likes her could bee a Puff or a hairy hairless likes mee Izzy, Eshan is likes Uji a true nekkid Crestie. Yor Momma is lucki to gets to meet so many loverly doggies. Butts nots so lucki puttin yoo in da kennel, gentle bitin is totally 'sectable under da circumstances mee finks Mollie Jo...............Bol.


  2. Can't blame you for biting your Mom - I mean, she totally deserves that for putting you in that awful place! BTW, Mr. Bufus used to get that same haircut - and it made him all sleek-like! We're still feeling bad for Spunky, though. I think you guys should board him at home for a while! But you make a great receptionist, Miss Mollie - we'd be happy to see you!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. Except for the incident where your momma put you in the kennel it looked like you had a good time exploring the vet after hours.


  4. You were tricked! You guys look like you ad some fun
    Benny & Lily

  5. Teehee, seems like your mom would learn her lesson about sticking her finger in your kennel!!

    My mom sure is worried about Spunky...she wants him to have a home!!!



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