Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update on Charlie and Halloween Thoughs Thursday

Our momma is facebook friends with Charlie's momma so we get updates almost daily. That is so cool because it almost like he is still here. His momma reports that his anxiety is alot better and he can be left home for short periods of time. Every one just loves him! Now onto pictures


Lilibell and Chewy from Chi's in the City gave us an award. Thanks!

We would like to pass this onto any doggie blogger who hasn't recieved it yet.


(Our halloween tag)

Our momma is plotting...I mean planning a great Halloween costume contest. So please keep checking back for more details. We got word that at the botique
Here Kitty Kitty they have the newest seasonal tags out for sale. The owner emailed momma and said that there is a new Halloween design but it won't be in for a couple of weeks. She can't wait.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. Ahhhh!

    He looks like he knows things are furry good!


  2. Awww, Charlie is super kyute!!! Glad to hear that his anxiety is lessening! And, your Halloween tag is GRRR-8!

  3. Great news on Charlie - he got a good start at your place.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  4. I miss little Charlie, but at least your Momma can get updates on him, which means everyone can get updates!!


  5. He looks pretty happy.


  6. Charlie looks really happy. He doesn't have that crazy look in his eyes that Penny had when we first got her. Thanks for the updated.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  7. Woo Hoo...we love happily ever after (ok, maybe week after) stories, yeah Charlie!!

    We will keep our eyes open for Halloween contest pupdates!!


  8. Hi Mollie,

    Congrats on the award! We can't wait to hear more about the contest. I had a witch costume last Halloween, don't know what mom is thinking of doing this year.

    Charlie looks like he feels safe and secure in his new home. We are so happy for him!

    Wags & wiggles,

  9. A Halloween costume contest? Now that sounds like fun. Can horses enter too? Hey! Maybe I could make costumes for Maddie, Annabelle, AND TANGO.

  10. glas that Charlie is finally home......his dadster looks like he's charmed by Charlie

    you have a fab weekend

  11. That is great news about Charlie and its so nice you all get to keep in touch with his Mom. Oh a costume contest?! That sounds like so much fun!!!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  12. Wooohooo that Charlie is doing so well!! He is such a cute boy!

    Oh I love halloween. My angel rottie Patachou loved getting dressed up!

  13. Charlie looks good and happy, thank you for showing the pictures. OMD, please not a Halloween contest, my Mom will get all kinds of ideas and I will end up looking the fool. Please don't tell her.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  14. Charlie made Tommy's heart melt. Looks like he's gonna be just fine!



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