Friday, September 25, 2009

My Trip to the Vet

Well Monday started out normal. Got up, went pee, ate breakfast, and got back in bed. Little did I know that in 2 hours we would be going to the V-E-T. I knew I was due for my yearly shots...but was hoping momma would forget.

So here we are in the car. I brought my squeaky pink baby. See...She is in the doggie bag (its just like a diaper bag).

Our Vet clinic.

Oh the smells!
Heading inside

I wait patiently waiting to be called.

Hey it's Cesar Milan!

I think we better go...

Let me try to get out this way.

They needed to know what I weighed. I have lost 1.6 pounds since I came last.
I am not getting shots...Must I be weighed too? Hey I lost 2 pounds....Hmm!
Now it's our turn on the table.

Bobo went first. His nails need to be dremaled.
Maybe if I stare hard enough...The door will magically open and I can make my escape.

Just have to pay....Then we can leave!

Come on momma lets get going before they try to get us on that table again.
Ahhhh...We are safe now we have crossed the finish line.

Reading and leaving some pee-mail.
Getting shots makes a girl thirsty.

I feel weak....Must lay down.

Squeaky Pink Baby comforted me after the vet visit.

As our readers know after the vet we went to the outlet store...Here I am checking out the goods.

Alot of what we got was halloween costumes. So momma made me put chicken suit on and go through the drive through at KFC.

Are you sure they will give me chicken or dressing up like this?

Yes, I would like 2 pieces of chicken.

Wow that really worked!

Pee Ess: Some pups commented saying the peemail link didn't work so our email is We have only recieved 1 entry so far for the costume contest.


  1. Oh my! I don't think it was a good idea to dress like a chicken near all those hungry people.


  2. Hey we know that place! We went to a charity walk there once!!! You all were crazy brave. We're way impressed.

    wags from the whippets

  3. We are sorry you had to go to the V-E-T. We don't like going to that place either. That was nice of your Mommy to take you for goodies afterward though! Prezzies are always nice!

    We ARE going to enter your contest, but Mom hasn't gotten our costumes for this year yet. She already has them picked out but she is waiting until she is sure the green papers are there before she gets them.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  4. Ooooh guys, I don't like the V.E.T. either!! I had to go last week, and I was shaking like a leaf! But at least your Mom made it up to you and got you tons of cool stuff after! And you are an awfully cute chickie, BOL!

    Chi Kisses, Lilibell

  5. Wow you were both very brave at the V E T. And look at all the goodies you got. Cute outfit!

  6. Sorry about the V~E~T!!! But, we would've loved working at that KFC when you silly-heads pulled through!!! MOL!!!

  7. Heehee. TaiChi ALWAYS tries to lead Mom back out the door when she goes to the vet. She thinks that Mom gets lost when she goes there, and needs TaiChi's (half-blind) assistance to find her way out. It doesn't seem to work, though. And I think Mango's right; I'm not sure that dressing like a chicken at a place where they serve chicken as food is maybe the best idea... I do like the outfit, though!

    *kissey face*

  8. Loved your quick get-away from the vet's office. That finish line just seemed to fade into the parking lot....

  9. Hahaha about your driving through KFC in a chicken costume - that takes the cake! Your vet visit went well, and you made it past the finish line. Good thing Squeaky Pink Baby comforted you - come on, though - it wasn't that bad, was it? You have a nice vet, I think.

  10. Oh my gosh that is so funny that you went to KFC in the chicken costume! We love it!

    It is too bad your mom remembered about your shots - I almost forgot Virgil had to go for his yearly check up - I did finally remember though. This is one of our few non-vet weekends (then the next week 2 go and the week after one goes). We hope you don't have to go back until next year!

    And we want to enter the costume contest - we just don't have any pictures yet (or costumes - it is so hard with kitties - doggies seem to tolerate them better).

  11. It just doesn't seem right to have to go to the VET when we are healthy - guess that's waht keeps us that way.

    Our Mom is rolling in the floor laughing about that chicken costume!! HEHEHEHE

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  12. My dear friends I am so glad you survived your ordeal at the Vets. Please in the future any time you see Caesar M... oh I can't even finish that name, but please next time RUUUUN!
    You look very nice in your costume, I am glad they didn't try to fry you.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  13. OMD....Sasha said the C word....You ok Sasha, I know that must have been traumatic!! BOL

    Oh the V-E-T is Y-U-C-K-Y!! But you made it through and then not only got new clothes but got to play dress up too!!! Hope your Mama gave you lots of nummies!!

    Mama just need to stage our entry into your contest and we will be sending it to you!!

  14. You sure don't look like you enjoy going to the V.E.T. We don't either. But you do look pretty "chic" in your chicken costume.

    Woos and happy weekend, the OP Pack

  15. omdog you look so stinkin cute in that chicken suit!! omdog!


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