Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are Back and Ready to Post!!!

Now that we are back we shall begin at the beggining. As our readers know Friday and Saturday momma was off scrapbooking. She showed us all 4 1/2 pages she got done at the crop. Believe it or not she got quite a bit done compared to her neighbors. BOL Sunday we just rested with momma and kept her company while she unpacked (she takes a ton of stuff to the crops). Monday we went to the V-E-T for Mollie's yearly shots (that will be tomorrow's post). After the vet to make it up to Mollie we went shopping at our favorite local catalog outlet store Surplus City. They always have a ton of great deals. Right as we walked in they had 4 racks of halloween costumes. Each costume was 4.99 with 25% I got 2 and Bobo got 3. Then when we went down the dog asile they had halloween shirts. They were 2.50 with 25% off.
I got a pumpkin shirt.

Bobo got the skeleton shirt with hoodie.

After that momma had to run in Wal-mart (can't leave the house without stopping there) so grandma stayed in the car with us. When momma returned she had 3 bags of sweaters. You may wonder why she got so many...Well its been 2 1/2 years since they have carried the good sweaters so she stocked up. Some of our have strings and holes and we can't be seen out in them.
On Monday a package was on our porch when we got home. To our surprise it was from Miss Kylie.

Look at all of the treasures. Miss Kylie sure knows how to shop!

We are furry pretty in our red, white, and blue collars.

She even sent our momma something. A New Englands Patriot tag. That is super cool!

She even engraved a message on the back.

Today our package from Jeffer's Pets arrived today. That online store has lots of great doggie things at really good prices.

We got two new charms from there.

Momma also got this cute bone clip to hold our charms. It will look so cute on our (Tank please dont laugh to hard) doggie bag (like a diaper bag for babies).
Now that brings us to True Colors Thursday. This weeks color is yellow and blue together.

We knew instantly that our wubba's (from Ruby & Penny) fit that description perfectly.

We also have a few baby blankets that are yellow and blue but they are currently packed tightly in the storage closet until winter.
Onto awards!
We got the lovely Sassy Sasha Award. Thanks Sasha!

We also recieved this cute as a button award from little Miss Coco. Thanks Coco!


  1. Wow you sure have been busy doggies! Congrats on the awards. Love your costumes!

    Wags & wiggles,

  2. So much to say - good to hear it!!! Congrats on the awards and the awesome shopping deals. You two will be nice and warm for the winter with all those new sweaters.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Hi Congrats on your award. We luv Sasha!

    Now wait a minute, is it Hallerween that's coming up, or Christmas! We never seen so many pressies in our life!

    Also, we want to thank you for casting your vote for us. THANKS!!!

    Riley and Star.

    You guys sure are lucky!

  4. Your costumes totally rock! And you got a pressie from Miss Kylie? You are two lucky little dogs.


  5. What a full post!

    Khongrats on the khool stuff and khool awards!


  6. Congrats on the awards!!

    You really got a lot of cool stuff from the shopping excursion and your friends. Our Mom went shopping on Ebay yesterday to find a Halloween costume for Piper. We girls have been practicing wearing ours and Mom needs to get Java's out so he can practice too - getting a picture of all of us together is going to be a challenge.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  7. Wow your mama hit the jackpot!!! I love both your shirts sooooo cute!

    Congrats on the awards and the great package you got!

  8. You have had a busy few daays!! Love your new clothes AND charms!

    My Mama also has the SAME bone clippy thing. She uses it for all her keys!


  9. Wow it sounds like you were very busy! I love your Halloween shirts - it is my favorite holiday! And you looked cute in your new collars - and all your pictures!


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