Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pee Pee Box, Ice Treats, and Ellie Mae

Every evening we gets to go to the Pee Pee box. Its most exciting and the highlight of our day!!!

We love seeing letters fur Charlie. We have received a lot of donations and emailed everyone once a donation gets to our pee pee box.

On one of our walks we spotted these beautiful flowers. Does anyone know what "breed" it is?

On another we spotted this TALKING turtle. See he says "GEL".

Since he is such a smartie shell I had to go check him out.

So he wouldn't get run over by the cars we picked him up...

...and put him in the yard. Stay safe lil guy!

Silly Uncle Puppy would get close then jump back.

The weather has taken a turn for the hot and humid. So Uncle Puppy has been using his ice treat alot!

Miss Ellie has been having a hard time with her spay. Once her pain meds wore off she would crash and go into such a deep deep sleep and momma thought one night she about lost her cause she couldn't wake her up. She up'ed the medicines (as per Dogtor Flanary) and that gave her an upset tummy. So its been a bad week for her. She seems to be happy and bouncy this morning though so we hope she is done with all that stuff!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo, Ellie Mae & Uncle Puppy

& Gel the turtle!


  1. LILY... that flower is a Day Lily.
    GEL... OMD you find the most interesting stuffs on you walks!! THAT is amazing!!!

    I am soooooo glad that letters are coming in to help Charlie...

    Butt sorry that the Spay/WhoWhoectomy thingy did cause troubles.
    GEL.... I can NOT get over that!!!

  2. We think that flower is a Tiger Lily, prolly named after Benny's sissy Lily cause hers can sometimes be a tiger!!! hahaha we cracks us up

    We hope hope hope that Ellie Mae continues on the road to recovery (but not out on the actual road!) see how we did that hahahahaha

    Bobo and MEja

  3. I was gonna say it looks like a Day Lily too. Turtles are kinda cool, they get in their shell huh?? Hopefully Ellie Mae will be doing better now.


  4. Hi guys! Sorry that Miss Ellie was having such a hard time from her surgery. But it does sound like she's improving now! Hu-mom just sent a letter to your guys Pee Pee Box, and hopes it's not too late....if so, please keep the donation!

    It's hot as you know what here too. I guess it is bringing out the turtles because there was one walking across our patio the other day. Hu-mom tried to get a photo but it wasn't too good.

    Talk with you later!

    Minnie and Mack

  5. that turtle is nutty how it can hide its paws
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hopes miss Ellie is doin okays now, pleese sends her mi biggest nekkid snuggles n licks


  7. I hope Miss Ellie will feel better soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  8. OOH...I luvs GEL. He be better den an old toad. I hope dat wittle Ellie feels all back to normal soon. Mom keeps goin' back to check on hers.

  9. Sorry you are not feelin' well Miss Ellie. Get better soon.
    I like your Daylily picture :)


  10. Poor Miss Ellie. Have her breathe deeply and teach her to chant... that should help.


  11. Thank you for the visit on our bloggy in regards to our sissy Josie--
    Your words were comforting,
    IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

    do you still have any peanutty butter pie's?
    hu hu's
    Anakin Man ;)

  12. That's fabulous that you're getting so many donations for Charlie! Hope to be sending you some after the Picnic from our jumping castle!

    Hope Ellie Mae is having a better week!

    We LOVE turtles! They are so cool!

    The Road Dogs


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