Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 AQS Quilt Show

I have been waiting a long time to attend the 2011 quilt show and I had to have a new dress.

Finally the big day arrived and we headed out!

Oh yes I'm styling!

But our first stop wasn't the quilt show....You guessed it...We are at the VETS OFFICE AGAIN!

We had to get our nails trimmed and our bottoms done.

And Just because momma wants a picture doesn't mean we have to cooperate.

Finally we have arrived!

Grandma got this quilt kit. Isn't it darling?!?!?!

We looked through tons of fabric.

Checked out the quilts.

Would ya look at all of that fabric!

Momma wants to learn this pinwheel design so she is checking into classes at a local quilting shop. I bet that design would look fabulous in pink and purple!

Then we headed to the Carbondale Petco to fetch the new grooming charms. They are apple-tastic!

Momma almost had a panic attack when she saw the quick tags machine was gone.

Upon closer inspection the new machine was from the same company just an updated model. They also had the same tags, just a larger variety!

I'm ready to engrave my tags.

We each got two new tags.

Grandma also stopped in at Jo-Ann Fabrics. She found plenty of good fabrics here too!

Then we took a long nap on the way home.

Whew doggies! Look at all that fabric.

Now its all in our fabric cabinet.

Can't wait to model all my new dresses and snuggle in my new quilts!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Now you are caught up on all of our adventures during our time off the blogsphere. We shall return you to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow morning!


  1. Oh wowie....I luvs your new dress and tags....Hopes you gets more stuffs made from all dat fabrics.

  2. What fun! I love a good trip to the fabric store. We spy the Sock Monkey fabric!!!!! Sooooo cute. Wouldn't a sock monkey skirt be cute?

  3. OMD that all looks fun and so tiring I need to take a nap just from reading your post! BOL

    Such a pretty dress and pawsome tags too!

    woo woos, Tessa

  4. LOL with your new ant design on your blog - this is ant season. But that dress is OMG, so cute! Adorable. Tags galore, for sure. And lots of fun fabric for your momma to play with - well not really play, she is a serious stitcher taking on a pinwheel design no less. I am sure she will coordinate some pawsome outfits for you to match those new tags.

  5. Wow!
    That was something my grandma would love to do!
    Going shopping those pawesome fabrics with you all!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Wow that sounds like a very busy day! You looked gorgeous in your new dress Mollie Jo! And well, we understand not wanting to cooperate for pictures at the vets office. The quilt show looks like it was fun - that is more fabric then we have ever seen! And we love your new tags - so cute!


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