Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Memories: Olivia Edition

All of our bloggers know how much fun the photo shoots are at the Marshall County Humane Society and how we always get such great photos. Well we are their friend of facebook so we can stay up to date on all the pawties, photo shoots, and fun events. Well Friday afternoon the HS put out a post reminding everyone about Santa photos on Saturday. Well we went in to post a comment that we would be there and saw a comment that made us tilt our heads. A lady put that she would bring her boys and their Maltese puppy. Well something told us we should email and see if this could be Olivia's puppy. Well we got a quick response and it was her. Her name is Missy and has a family who is taking great care of her and loves her furry much!

So after a few fun conversations we added Missy's momma to our friends list and got to see some pictures of her as a teeny tiny puppy.

All together now "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"

What a cutie!

Missy's momma also makes Tutu's and Hairbows. So Missy is quite the fashionista!

Friday while we were at the spa so was Missy. She was getting all groomed nice for Santa pictures. Since we knew she would be there we coordinated a time to meet her at the HS so we could reunite mother and daughter and meet this little one.

I shall allow Olivia to finish this post. Take it away little one!

Thank you Mollie...
Seeing my little girl again was wonderful! She had a nice, healthy, fluffy coat. Missy's momma said that she is all up to date on her puppy shots. We think Missy got real lucky and found a furever home! I gave my baby lots of kisses and nose nuzzles.

I would like to say a BIG Thank you to Lori for bringing my baby to see me again. It meant so much to me!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Olivia


  1. OMD OMD O M D that is just a Christmas Miracle if there ever was one!

  2. This is so exciting! A Christmas Miracle indeed!!! They are just adorable!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  3. awww thish made ush shed the wet leaky waters. we cants wait til shelby meets her puppers once again too. boff mommish and daughter were just bewootiful . thish made our day

    sugary pibble kisses
    the pittie pack

  4. Yes, those are a lot of "awww" pictures! Great story about finding her in this holiday season.

    drools licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. hi Mollie Jo and Olivia! Wow Olivia your little girl is beautiful, just like you! And boy, either you are super tiny or she is a big girl already because it looks like you are almost the same size! And oh, how exciting that you will be able to keep up with her as she grows up! That is just so cool!

  6. OH MY!!! Simply WAY, WAY too CUTE, indeed!
    Definitely AWWWWW PHOTOS!

  7. Ahhhhh!

    We are so skhweeeeeing here!

    Thanks fur sharing those special pikhs!



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