Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Petsmart Birthday Party '09


Mollie and her goody bag


On April 21 2009 Petsmart held it's annual birthday party. They take pictures, give goody bags, and play games. The goody bags were filled with ziggys(Mollie's Favorite), dog food samples, and a puzzle. After taking pictures and digging into the goody bag my mother and Mollie participated in the musical chairs. When the music starts you and your dog walk around until the music stops. The last pup to sit is eliminated from the game. Mollie placed second in "small dogs" group and third in "all dogs" group. The winner for the "small dogs" group was a 7 week old toy poodle puppy. We had a wonderful time and after all the fun and games were over we went shopping. We ended up buying name plates for both Mollie and Bobo's crates, a collapsible dog bowl for our doggie bag, a dog luggage tag for the dogs suitcase, and a blue stroller for Bobo when we go to the local flea markets.
Bobo with all of his new things.

Mollie sitting during the musical chairs. Her shirt says "Little Bit Country".

Bobo watching me hoping that he might get some of the treats from his goody bag.
Another party goer getting her picture taken. Her name was Kiki.

Little Bullet (winner of the small dogs group in musical chairs) watching the big dogs in the ring.

*Check the flyers at your local Petsmart stores to see when the next party is going to be.


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  1. They deserve a party after the loss of their "Aunt Dolly" a few weeks ago, during the ice storm. These are two "SPECIAL" doggies, with two "SPECIAL" Mama's. Bobo, you finally got a stroller! Yea!!!!!
    Lynette(also a proud Aunt)


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