Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Life as a Foster Dog

Alright as many of our blog friends know it is hard to find good help these days. So we have returned and will turn over this post to our little foster brother Jackson (formerly named Phillip).

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Hello my name is Jackson and I am a little nervous about blogging but here we go...
On Tuesday November 10, 2009 the foster mom took Scarlett, Lillian, and me to a place called the VET. Not sure just what a VET is but we shall find out.
Here are Lillian and me in the car we rode in crates just to be safe. Scarlett rode in the car with the Doggy Nanny as she doesn't ride so well without someone holding her.
This building is where the VET does what ever he does.

Foster momma told us we were here to get our vaccinations, heartworm tests, and spays (for the girls...I was neutered before I came to the rescue).

This is the check in desk. One of the signs reads "Dogs Welcome...All Children must be on a leash." BOL BOL BOL That was the funniest part of our trip.

So after we checked in they took us back one by one and drew blood for our heartworm tests and we were all NEGATIVE!!!! Celebrations!!! After all that they took Scarlett and Lillian to the back and they didn't come out...Foster momma assured me they are getting spay surgery and will come home tomorrow.

So to celebrate passing my heartworm test we went to Doggy Nanny's house and had marshmallows. Look how Mollie Jo watches so intensely waiting for a goodie to come her way.
Mollie in motion.

Then we came home and Mollie and I played zoomies in the house.

Then I raided the toy box.

On Wednesday November 12, 2009 Foster momma went back to the vet (I stayed at Doggy Nanny's house) to pick up the girls just like she promised.

Scarlett just slept on her blanket in the corner most of they day.

Lillian slept in her bed.


Next I wanted to show you dinner preperations. Momma gathers all of the food bowls. Thats 5 in all. That blue one is mine.

Then she puts in the proper amount of dog food for each dog. Then puts in a little turkey for Mollie and Bobo and I ask you where is our turkey?!?!?!?

Then we went outside for post dinner stretches, porch sitting, & snoopervising.

Lillian stretching...

Scarlett sniffing the air...

Mollie and me porch sitting (or standing).

Scarlett & Mollie went to check the mail with foster momma.

Thursday (12th), Friday(13th), and Saturday(14th) afternoon Foster momma spent all of her time rearranging the house....And what made her do this with 5 dogs...I will never know.

Any way she decided to make one room a doggie room complete with cabnets (with supplies) crates for naps, playpens for silly little boys (who could that be?) to eat in and a tv to watch when its time for bed.

Once she completed that room she locked us away...I mean let us go in and test it out. Scarlett wasn't sure and poked her nose out from under the door.

*Note from mom: that hole in the carpet is from Bobo when he was only 6-8 months old...I put him in there one day so I could bring in some things from the car and he decided to rip a hold in the carpet.*

Friday November 13th, 2009 Scarlett was adopted by a family in Smithland. They were a very nice couple who recently lost their poodle and looking to love again. So after meeting them she stayed.
Saturday (14th) Momma took Lillian and me to a groomer to get us looking all spiffy!

Don't I look pawsome?

Miss Lillian posing for the camera.

All week foster momma had been talking with an adopter in Lexington who was interested in Lillian. So after many emails and phone calls we set up a date to meet and let Lillian go to her new home.

Sunday we headed out to meet Lillians new pawrents.

I still have trouble getting in the car...its just so big. Here I go...

We slept most of the way and Foster momma brought her laptop to work on some stuff. Foster grandma was driving.

Momma was leaking when Lillians new pawrents took her...So no pictures.

Then we went to a place called a "Drive thru" for some lunch. What is this "Drive thru" you speak of?

Oh...there are people in the window who give you food...I see...This is a very good thing.

Once we arrived home Mollie, Bobo and I did zoomies in the yard.

Later that night foster momma recieved and email that Scarlett was out in the yard of her new house and wouldn't come back. So foster mom, foster grandma, and doggy nanny went out to help capture her they were so worried about her. *From here I am just reporting what was told to me* After quite some time Scarlett finally came to foster mom. Everyone started leaking (or crying as the humans call it) because she was safe and not hurt. They went inside and talked about what was best for her and her new pawrents decided that she should come back here and work with her some more. It was a hard hard desision for everyone involved.
So now we are back at 4 poodles in the house.

Last night Mollie allowed me to sleep in the bed with her as long as I stay on my side.

Much Wags,
Jackson the Foster Dog


  1. Jackson that is an excellent first blog post! I love how you told the story so well - it made me feel like I was there with you! It is too bad Scarlett was not comfortable in her new home - hopefully after working with her some more she will be ok. And hopefully you will find a wonderful home very soon - you are so cute who could resist you!

  2. Excellent post! And excellent pictures! You are quite the handsome group!!!

    *kissey face*

  3. What a pawesome first post you did!!! yay for you!!! We are so happy that scarlett eventually came back. She is just scared, hopefully things will work out! And, that is so kewl that Mollie let you sleep wif her! We hope you can come by today for Skeeter's purrday pawty!

  4. You are such a good story teller!
    That was pawsome!
    That home your in right now sure looks organzied and looks like a bed and breadfast to me!
    We think Scarlet will get better. It just takes time.
    I love marshmallow too.

  5. Jackson, you did a pawsome job on your first post!! And how cool that you guys get to have your own room....we have to share our space with Mom and Dad, BOL! Cute pic of Miss Scarlet's nose poking out, hehe!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  6. Hi Jackson,

    You did a real good job on your first post. It's kinda sad that Scarlett didn't like her new home but you four will be able to spend more time together. Fun fun.!


  7. You did fabulous for a first post.. Sad about Scarlet but hopefuly with a little more time it will work better.. Hugs GJ x

  8. Good job, Jackson!!! Wow, you're better than our Servant and she's been writing for like abazillion and twenty years!
    We hope Scarlett gets a great forever home who deserves her.

    wags from the whippets

  9. Very nice post Jackson!! You did a very good job with all the story telling!


  10. Wow!

    'They' say woo will always remember your furst post!



  11. Great post. So much happening. Zoomies and drive throughs and new houses and whatnot.

    I hope Scarlett can work things out. Some people think a dog will just automatically figure out they are in the furever home, but it takes time.


  12. Jackson, it sounds like you had a very eventful weekend. Be good to Miss Scarlett. Sounds like she needs a good buddy right now.

    Woofs and Kisses!

  13. WOW!! There's a lot going on at your house - sounds like fun though.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  14. Jackson, that was a great post - maybe you need to stick around a lot longer to help out. We were so happy to hear that Scarlett and Lillian found nice homes, but it sounds like one home wasn't really ready to take on Miss Scarlett. Thanks for sharing all of what has been going on at your very busy home.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  15. Awesome post!! Good to hear Lilly got a great home. The new owners for Scarlett might want to take her out on a leash for a while until she gets used to them. Good luck!!

  16. What a small world. My name is Scarlett Lillian (scarlettlillian.com) and I have a toy poodle named Rhett. So cute to see other poodles named Scarlett and Lillian! he he


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