Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things are changing!

This morning momma decided to make some changes. She took Bobo, Mollie Jo, & Hunny to the shelter. She wants to lighten the load and go with an animal that doesn't require so much attention. The shelter manager assured her that the dogs would be cared for and adopted quick as they are purebred dogs.

After riding of the hounds momma took a stroll through the kitty room. She saw me in the very back and fell in love instantly.

I love sitting on the porch with momma.

On the way home she even bought me a new cupcake shirt. Aren't I pretty?

I even got a pretty leash and collar.

Ahhh...Relaxing on the porch is nice!

Meows and Puuurrrs,
Blue Belle the Cat


  1. YIKES... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is an April Fool's Joke!! GASP!!

  2. A cat blog - OH no what is the world coming to?

    woof - Tucker

  3. April Fool's
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - It's nice to meet you Blue Belle. You are a very pretty kitteh.

  4. Surely this is an April Fool's joke!

  5. You can't fool the Tankster, but nice try:)

  6. Wooos! Woo can't fool me!
    Tricksy cats sometimes.....
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. Haha - that was a good one! Next time you can just send them to me instead - they'll fit right in. :-)

  8. BOL!! Mollie Jo..Bobo..we are HOPING that this is an April Fool's joke...COME BACK!!!

    Although that is one cute kitty cat!!

    April Fool's Smileys!

  9. Really now? Aha, hmm, sure. Whatever you say, kat!
    BOL I'm calling your bluff. I'm grabbing M and we're headed to the shelter for our next three forever home adoptions. That should teach you, kat!

  10. Sure...

    And I have my own litter of khytty snakhks!


  11. We saw this post earlier on Mom's iPhone and we are sure it has to be a bad joke - right? Please say it is just a trick:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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