Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Telling Tuesday of BARKTOBERFEST!

Barktoberfest was Pawsome! Sunday and Monday Blogger would not cooperate with us so we bring you Telling Tuesday Barktoberfest edition!

Now we will warn you that this post is a bit long and picture heavy so get a big bowl of milkbones and a dish of cool water.

We had to get up early as the Yard Sale started at 7:30 and we didn't want to miss any deals.

Uppy was all smiles when we arrived!

There is the official sign out front!

Here is the Yard Sale...It had lots of fabulous deals.

Here is our favorite place the Bake Sale!

A local pet supply store was set up selling collars, tags and other doggie accessories.

Grandma done filled my stroller to the limit. She barely left enough room for me. BOL She got some magazines and a "This Little Pig" statue.

Momma found us some new harnesses...Pink for me and green for Bobo. She also found Uppy a Christmas collar.

After the yardsale it was time to get our pictures made. The photographer remembered us by name and was quite giggly when she saw Uncle Puppy and we told her his name.

Somehow the CD with the pictures the professional took got lost...grandma did it but we will go pick up a new CD tomorrow and share those soon.

Uppy's turn...Want to know why he was not looking at the photographer? He was staring at some doggies walking around and about 23 seconds after momma took this picture he bolted! Took 5 whole minutes to capture the little monster tike.

And you know it wouldn't be a pawty till Lane showed up! He was dressed as a police man.

Such a poser. His tail was wagging non stop at all the people telling him how adorable he was!

Would you look at this lovely Chi...Its Lane's cousin Bella. Whoa she is quite festive in that pumpkin dress!

Just checking the pee-mail. Boy there is a ton of it here at the Humane Society!!!

Ooooh The main attraction!

The judges table.

Look at all the prize baskets!

Wonder if there is Chinese food in the take out boxes?

Next we have lots of pictures of the doggies who attended the festivities.

Deeter dog! His mommy works with our grandma.

This is Sargent. He is a rescued Husky Mix with a bobbed tail. Isn't he handsome!

This boy must have heard a funny joke.

He regained his composure and was a well behaved gentleman.

Mini Deeter Dogs! They are littermates and 4 months old.

All dressed and ready to get in the competition ring! Momma says I look so cute in this pic! I decided to go as the flapper again.

Bobo went as the Dragon.

We made Uppy the piggy! BOL

Lane asking his momma if he can get ready too.

Sitting with Grandma practicing my tricks.

Calling the doggies! Each dog got called up individually in each category.

There goes Lane...

...and Cousin Bella

This pretty girl dressed up as Dorothy.

This little Doxie was dressed as Woody from Toy Story and guess what...His name is Woody. BOL

These Cocker girls came as Star Wars Characters.

This Lab was a pretty pumpkin.

Isn't this Beagle Girl so pretty in her Jacket and boots?!?!?

OH MY DOG! They must have entered the Pet/Parent Look-a-like contest!

This Beagle was being a big "baby" about going up infront of the judges. She was dressed as a baby and acting like one...BOL

This Doxie was really prancing in her Cheerleading outfit.

This little girl was just watching the contests but kept her eye on Bobo. Boy he is one popular poodle man!

WHOA! A Mango sized dog. He snuck up behind us!

Wonder what breed of doggie this cutie is?

OOOOH It must be a cockapoo!

Ok back to the competition...There was a pretty Fairy.

A Buzzzzzzzy Bee!

And a pretty angel!

After all the doggies went up in their costumes they did the Trick Competition.

Here are the judges going over the score sheets.

Bobo won runner up for Funniest Costume!

Checking out his gift box goodies.

Then my name was called....OOH Look at that basket!

I won 1st place for Best Trick!!! I did a TRICK and got a grand TREAT!

Turn up the air momma its sure hot out there

Here is Bobo's award and gift box. He got a Bandana, treat bag, and toy (I done took that and almost have it de-stuffed).

Here is my basket. I got a hat, bone, halloween tug toy, halloween tennis ball, pawprint bag and poop bag dispenser.

I also got three gift certificates. One is for a free dog tag and one for a free DQ treat. Then the best of all I won one of the gift certificates Dr. Flanary donated. Its for a free yearly exam, fecel, rabies vaccine, and 7way vaccine. Thanks Dr. Flanary!

Once we got home we unwrapped those home made treats!


Where can we order more...We are running out!

We heard via Facebook that the Humane Society had 3 dogs adopted and raised $2500 in donations. That is pawsome! That will help a lot of homeless doggies.

We thank Dr. Flanary for donating great prizes, for the Benton-Marshall Humane Society for putting on a grand pawty, and to all the pets and pawrents that showed up and donated!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. WOW~!!! You guys were the cutest and mom just LOVES Uncle Puppy! There sure were a lot of pawticipants and a B~~I~~G ConCats on your wins!!! Totally deserving!

  2. Hi Mollie Jo and Bobo! What a great post about a great party! All of you (including Uncle Puppy) looked very cute in your costumes! And congrats to you Mollie Jo and Bobo for winning - that is so cool!!

    And we loved all the pictures of the different doggies you saw there - they are all cuties!!

  3. You were defiantly the best dressed!
    Congratulations for winning prizes Mollie Jo & Bobo! What trick did you do Mollie Jo? Back-flip? That would have been PAWSOME!

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  4. What a great great day!

    So many khuties!

    Sargent was khwite hunky!

    Believe it or not, the Burned Yeast Mountain dog would look like a puppy next to Mango RH!


  5. Congratulations Mollie Jo and Bobo!
    I knew you were going to do it pawesome!
    Sure it was a great event and everyone had lots of fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. What a super fun day! We just loved your flapper costume, Mollie Jo. All of the costumes were great!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. That was a winning day all around! We enjoyed all of the photos. Congratulations and glad to see you all had fun.

  8. oh goodness congratulations on your wardies all VERY well deserved. we just loved boff of ya'lls costume and are not surprised you took home some prizes. we fink all the doggies were adorabull wiff their costumes and are glad alotta puppers were saved in the process

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack


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