Monday, March 7, 2011

Momma's Scrappin' Weekend

Here is part of the recently priced yard sale items.

After 2 1/2 hrs pricing momma finally got everything up on the yard sale tables.

She did keep out some baby themed items for a special project with grandma.

Fast forward 5 hours....Whew they have been working hard.

ooooh! Girl Scout cookies!

Momma made a pre-made baby book for her friend who is expecting a little girl.

Grandma helped alot!
Hmmm....more food...It seems like a scrapbooking event yet we get so many foodable pictures.

Here are SOME of the "items sold" sheets. Momma made alot of green papers. Hopefully there will be a trip to the treat and toy asile in my future.

Sadly momma didn't make it to the Baby Shower (momma explained they weren't going to actually bathe a baby...Its a party for the mom to be) on Saturday. She had been up most of the night with the storms and had a huge migraine. But I get to meet mommas friend when we take her book and other gifts to her soon. Fun times!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo


  1. Looks like a busy but fun weekend. Hope mom feels better.
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh NO... sorry your mom didn't get much sleep and had the horrid headache thingy. I hope BOTH have been "Fixed" by now.

  3. That's lots of scrapping. Looks like she had fun and we hope she's feeling better!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  4. Sure it was a busy weekend for mom and grandma, right?
    I hope she is feeling better now!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Too much work....hope Mom feels better. Tell hers not to work so hard next time.

  6. WOW!! looks like alot of work by your Mom. The pages look good and it is alot of hard work too!!



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