Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Skunk-ified Country Poodles

 Our time in skunk jail was long and hard mentally!  We were forced to eat our meals, snacks and sleep in skunk jail!  We spent 23 hours locked up cause we stunk. We only got out a few times a day to go outside LEASHED to pee.  They were horrible conditions!  And it gets worse...

 All of our beds and toys were taken from us!!!

Momma handled us with gloves, spayed the room with air freshner ALOT and caked our furs with baking soda/dawn/vinegar/peroxide mixtures!

The night we got sprayed we got sprayed we were loaded up in the car, and forced to sit on the mudflap, and hauled to the clinic for our first bath.  So as a result our car stunk!  Momma emptied bottles of lysol into it but nothing helped except a ton of airing out!  Only now a month later its finally quit smelling.

In the rush to get us to the clinic for a baff momma forgots to take out out stroller and well it stunk too.  Took a wee for it to air out but smells fine now! :) Thank dog cause what is a mature poodle like me supposed to do with no stroller!?!?!

 Momma's heart sank once she realized our tags, rubits and collars smelled!  Bobo's worse than mine as he took a direct hit...I just got a mild spray.  BOL There is an up side to not being first at everything!  ;)  But a 2 week soak in vinegar, dawn, baking soda and peroxide saved both collars, both rubits and our name tags.  Our soft plastic homeagain tags sadly were goners and were tossed away!

 And after many scenes like this one....

We are free country poodles once again.

Since Bobo did take the bigger hit he still kinda smells if he gets wet but its mild.  Not like the first night.

Ewww I think he got a wiff of himself! :)

Shake it off brother!  It feels good!

Oh my poodle doodles!

Brother says it wasn't worth this much baff time to chase a wild animal!

Momma hopes we has learned our lesson and threatens that if we do it again we will be sleeping outside.  I don't think she is serious but ya never knows!

Non stinky Wags and Licks,
Mollie and Bobo

Note From the momma: They only had to spend 72 hours in jail.  Mollie Got released first and that depressed Bobo to the extreme but they both lived.  Im not sure my nose will ever be the same after smelling it but thankfully its all gone!  The vinegar, peroxide, baking soda and dawn mix really did the trick and highly recommend it if your pet get sknunked.  Rub it on the dog and soak the collars/accessories.


  1. Hey...we missed you guys but now we know why you were gone so long. You were in SKUNK JAIL! Yuck! What a mess that must have been. I take it those professional skunk smell remover liquids they sell at PetSmart/Petco don't work that great. And what about the tomato juice soak? Sorry guys!

  2. I am glad it is better now. That was really bad, I hope I never meet one of those skunks.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. OMD is that what happens when you get covered in stinky goodness? Our peeps just remembered the tomato ketchup trick to get the stinkies gone. Use it like shampoo. We suggest that skunks maybe a no go zone from now on LOL. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We are glad you two made it out of skunk jail. It's good to hear from you.

    Millie & Walter


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