Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Trip to Nashville, TN Part 1

Momma always says "It's better late than never". Hmm...I seem to have another thought....But will save that for another post.

On February 25, 2010 momma, grandma, Bobo and I all set out on an adventure to another state. That was two weeks ago...and we are just posting about it now...OH MY! We went to TN to do some shopping, relaxing, and flat out have a fun time. Are you ready to be taken on the virtual tour of our trip?

After we packed the trunk with the suit cases we hoped in the back seat. We discovered that momma had left us something. She told us this is what was in the Petco bag from our Shopping Saturday a few weeks ago. Awww...Its a little car buddy. She is a pretty color and we are naming her Lilac.

Here we are entering Tennessee

We stopped to gas up the car and I posed for a picture with Lilac, my car buddy!

Then we pulled around to the side and got to check and leave some peemail...these TN dog live very interesting lives.

Once we arrived in Goodlettsville, TN we saw a friendly person who waved at us....We waved back...They sure are friendly here.

Then we arrived at our first destination. Super Petz. They do not sell animals here it is a supply store. Momma wanted to stop here because they sell Lupine leashes and collars. I didn't find any that looked good with my hair color so no new items from here.

Grandma stopped at every Goodwill store we saw. She found lots of quilts....She likes quilts as much as my momma likes dog tags. She found 4 in other goodies/knickknacks.

We stopped at a few Petsmart and Petco stores in the area so momma could see if they had any new tags in the quick tags machines....she didnt find any new ones.

As we arrived in a town called Hermitage, TN Bobo spotted something at a candy store and he went all cracker dog on us.

It was a giant Jelly Belly jelly bean stuffie! We asked momma if we could take our picture. I did try to drag him back to the car but he was too heavy for me to hop in the car with so he had to stay.

While in Hermitage we also went to a Petsmart store. See we even had our foot movements going together.

We checked out the sale rack...Nothing in my size.
We checked out the new merchendise...Nothing I need.

Then I saw Pink Baby...sitting on a shelf all alone...I thought to my self how did Pink Baby get to TN? But when we stopped and asked it was not Pink Baby it was Magenta...Here cousin. She was looking for a new home. We aksed momma and she agreed she could come live with us.

We also hit another good will where grandma found this cute white poodle stuffie for me. Then we shopped at a store called the Pet Supermarket. They had Lupine products there. I got the tickled pink Lupine collar and leash. Momma got the matching key thingie for herself.

By this time we were so exausted we took a nap while grandma looked for her favorite restarunt Piccadilly.

We saw another friendly TN resident. She was waving at us as we drove by!

Here is what momma and grandma got for lunch...We even got a little bite. It was most yummy!

We then drove to a city called Cool Springs. Grandma was driving and got very confused as to how to get to the store here so we were driving in circles for 45 minutes. Finally she gave up got on the highway and we went to the next exit and found a hotel.

Momma and I went in to register and get a luggage trolly. I took a ride on it as we headed to the car to fetch the suitcases.

Once we unloaded the trolly we had to force...I mean...pursuade Bobo to climb up and take a group picture with Magenta, Lilac, and me.

Then we headed back to the lobby to return the trolly and go out to check the pee mail. We got to ride in the elevators.

When we arrived back in the room we layed out the two quilts momma got us. They are adorable patchwork doggie quilts. Mine says "It's a dogs world ADJUST" and Bobo's says "My dog is smarter than yours". See we even had our own couch in the hotel room just for us.

Then all too soon we were both tired and went to bed.

That was our first day in Nashville, TN. Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour. We will post tomorrow with the rest of our adventures.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. We have a Superpetz here although it is in the other end of town - Mom has taken me there a few times!

    Woo had khwite the fun furst day!

    I khan't wait to see more!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Hi, Mollie Jo!
    Yes... better late than never!
    I loved your first day!
    Sure you had lots of activities!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hee hee! We have a Lilac here but she is definitely NOT a car buddy!


  4. What a wonderful adventure you and Bobo had. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  5. A supersized pet store and toys in the car for when ya travel? Sounds like a fun trip to us! Can we come next time?

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  6. Mom's favourite pastime is shopping, so she enjoyed seeing the shops of TN. Thanks for the tour.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  7. M. & B. - HI!

    Looks like quite the trip, a good time. Yummy food, comfy traveling and quarters. Love the pink elephant! Thanks for sharing...


    - CHLOE

  8. Wow you had a great vacation! They have pink elephants there? I have never seen one of those. Beth LOVES Jelly Belly's! She eats them all the time! You sure have an interesting life! I am glad you enjoyed your trip.

  9. Virtual trips are my favs, especially when they're posted as colorfully as yours. What a busy schedule. I even got a nibble of your mom's food myself.

  10. omdog my Mom goes to every goodwill she sees too! There is a new one opening that Mom can WALK to, we will never see our Mom again :)

    We can't wait to see more of your adventures in TN. What is in that food container?!


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