Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We've been keeping a secret!

After Bonnie left momma said for the hundreth time that we are going to take a break and not take on any new fosters for a few weeks. Well you know how well that goes in this house.

When momma heard of a breeder dog that was no longer welcome in her home...Momma of course stepped up. We met the breeder in Cape Gireadeau, MO (at the petco...Plus momma got the new April baseball charm and a new tye dye tag).

The former owner/breeder stated that Candy (her old name) was raised in a house but timid of new people. We found out that later that was far from the truth. Candy is timid of EVERYTHING! We can only think that she was kept locked away in a small cage. On the car ride home she was scared silly. Every bump on the road and every car door closing made her jump. When we got her home (Doggy Nanny wanted to keep her at her house) Candy went and hid under the bathroom sink. So Doggy Nanny put her crate down there and she stayed there all night. On Sunday things were looking better and she was able to come out and sit on the couch with Doggy Nanny.

By spending more time with her we realized she did not even know her name. That proves she wasn't raised in a house with kids like her owner/breeder said. So Doggy Nanny thought a nice name would be Hunny and since its close to easter her middle name will be Bunny.

Monday ment it was time for the vet visit. She came with no vaccine records as promised so she had to get a full work up. Her heartworm test came out negative. Now she is legal and feeling good. Monday afternoon Doggy Nanny put her on the bed and she liked that. She moved closer and closer until she was sitting right next to the doggy nanny. During her time with us she would only pee in her crate at night after everyone had gone to bed. Monday evening the Doggy Nanny reported that she went pee outside. We all were so happy! And after that she ate a big din din, finally!

Even though this girl was so shut down at first she is coming around and stealing everyones hearts!

While Doggy Nanny is at work she is staying with us and is sitting on our big bed in the living room just watching us and learning what doggies do.

Here is Hunny Bunny

She had never been on a leash before so walking on one was super scary and she walked all hunched over.

She walked low to the ground.

The she got to meet us and we gave her the good ol two poodle sniff.

She would watch us walking around the yard.

Monday evening she sat out in the yard with grandma.

Then she picked a pretty spot by the porch and allowed momma to take her picture.

Here is her favorite spot on the Doggy Nanny's bed.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: momma is still fighting the camera about the date...OH MY!


  1. oh my dogness hunny bunny has stolen our hearts
    she is absolute full of preciousness
    bless your hearts for taking her in and savings her from that horrid life she must of had. we are glad she is going to be loved and cared for now and will finally get to enjoy being a spoiled woggie.
    i luv this post
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  2. Hunny Bunny is soooo beautiful. How on Earth could someone keep her caged and not near two leggers that she seems to adore. Shame Shame on those who did this.
    Lucky for her that you stepped up and took her in. BLESSINGS on your mom and doggie nanna both!!!

  3. What a wonderful thing that you and your Mama and Doggie Nanny are doing!! Hunny Bunny will learn how to be a happy puppy from you two and I know she will find a great furrever home!!


  4. I love you Molly Jo and Bobo! I love how you welcomed poor Hunny Bunny in your home. Poor baby, what she must have been through. I so understand your mommy though, she can't help herself, she is awesome.

  5. OMD!

    What a khutie pie!

    Thank woo!
    Thank woo!!
    Thank woo!!!

    Fur giving her the chance at the pawesome furever life she deserves...

    PeeEssWoo: Now, how do we lokhk this 'breeder' in a small khage???

  6. Ditto what Khyra said (especially the PeeEss.)

    Your Momma & Doggy Nanny are very special:)

  7. OMC!!! She is PURRecious! Your mommy and Doggy Nanny are wonderful souls!!!

  8. Hello Hunny Bunny -- you are a sweetie!

  9. Your Mom and Doggy Nanny have the most kind and generous hearts around! We are so very glad that your Mom changed her mind and took Hunny Bunny in. We just know that with all of the love and attention that will be surrounding her that in no time she will come out of her shell and be one terrific pup!!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  10. Oh, we're so happy that you guys have Bunny. Give her lot's of hugs and kisses for us!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  11. OH Hunny is so cute, how could anyone be mean to her? SHe has captured our hearts for sure. That is good that she is warming up to you all, keeo up the good work and hopefully she wont be so scared all the time. Give her lots of Love,

    Tail wags

  12. She is so lucky to have found you two. I bet you will make her feel braver and ready for a furever home in no time.


  13. Oh poor Hunny Bunny made our mom cry, because that beautiful little girl had to live in such a horrible place before. Thanks to your mom and doggy nanny so much for taking her in and teaching her that not all people are complete jerks like her former owners. She is going to learn what it is like to be in a wonderful, loving home thanks to you all!

  14. I'm so glad your mom was willing to step up and help Hunny Bunny. And I love her new name. From the photos, it fits her perfectly. It is so sad that some humans can be so cruel.

  15. She is adorable and we are so glad you gave her a second chance.

  16. Please, tell your mom thanks for giving Bunny the chance to enjoy the good life she deserves!
    I know she is in the best hands now!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  17. She is such a cute pup - yay for your mom for rescuing her!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  18. Uh oh, Mum is in love with your new friend! Thanks for being so giving!

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

  19. You're better than the Dog Whisperer! I admire the work you do - this Hunny Bunny has a wonderful Easterish name!

    (Thanks for the peeps, by the way!)

  20. So now we understand having read the tale of Hunny Bunny!
    We are so glad you are looking after her. She looks a very sweet girl although she does look scared!
    We are sure she will blossom with all your love and care.
    Great work fostering her.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  21. Oh my gosh, how did we miss this post?????? You are in the same situation we were in with Whitney. She was a former breeding dog as well. Unfortunately, we found out things we were not happy about once she got home. She didn't know her name either, had no clue how to go up and down stairs. She is still very scared of everything. And she still can't walk on a leash. She is pitifull but we love her.
    Good luck and bless you for helping Hunny Bunny.
    PS: feel free to email if you want to talk.
    Puddles mum


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