Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter 2011

Hoppy Easter furends!

We hope you had a fun day filled with Easter egg hunts, bunnys, and food!

We are having an odd Easter but here are a few shots from the Official Easter Photo Shoot from a few weeks ago.

Being coy by the big grass....Showing off my Easter Bunny Charm!

I hunted Easter balls!

And one last photo sitting pretty fur my sweetheart Bob!!!

Hoppy Easter
Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Pee Ess: Due to our "Easter Weekend Adventure" we have had an odd weekend and are unable to show off our Easter Egg Hunt pictures. But they will be posted tomorrow. Then on "Telling Tuesday" we will tell you all bouts our "Easter Weekend Adventure".


  1. You look beautiful!
    Happee Easter
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh you looks sooooo cute. I tink my brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) is in luv.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Sure looks like you did.

  3. looks soo cute!! Glad that you had a great Easter!!


  4. VERY purty, Mollie Jo! Love, love, love your Easter dress and the bunny ears. Your bunny tag is wonderful, too.

  5. Your Easter Dress and Bunny Tag look perfect on you.

    PeeS... Ruby Penny and Mom J really LOVED the bag that you made. I get some extra Son in Paw points fur it!!! hehehe

  6. spring is definately your color . you look extra bewootiful in your bunny dress
    hoppy easter

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack

  7. Oh what a pretty girl you are Mollie. Happy Easter!

    Kitty and Coco

  8. Oh Mollie what a Beautiful dress!

    woo woos, Tessa

  9. Oh Mollie, you are so BEAUTIFUL as always!!! I simply ADORE you more and more each day. Please enjoy your trip! I will be thinking of you each and ev-fur-y day.

    Your Boy Bob.

  10. Hi guys! OMD these are the cutest pictures ever!! Looks like you had so much fun!!


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