Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Friday: Petco Winter Fashion & Dining Edition

Todays edition has a twist!

Petco has stocked its shelves with these LOVELY fashionable bowls. They are stainless still interior (which I prefer) and colorful exterior.

They come in many sizes so I began the hunt to see which was right fur me and Bobo.

Really momma. Lilac could go swimming in there!

Still too big!

Thats the right size!

Now that the bowl has been selected we must move on to clothes.

Fur the girls we have:

A lovely hoodie with purple heart trim.

A red polka dot dress which is perfect for any occasion.

A SWEET pink hoodie with brown trim. I love the pink/brown color combo!

For the short hair pups there are many puffy jackets with FAUX fur trim to keep you warm.

A bold twist in fashion is this peach polka dot dress. Your sure to be a show stopper in this one!!!

Scarfs have made an appearance. I love the bone detail on this one. I do wish it came in other colors such as pink and blue.

For the boy dogs we have:

A family favorite tank.

A unique hoodie for those extra special pups.

A lovely gray hoodie with red trim. I love this one it has a grrreat message!

I think this one speaks fur itself!

One trend I see up and coming is the Horse Blanket style jacket. Its an odd style not seen very much. Although this one is a bit plain I have seen a few fun styles in other fashion magazines (Jeffers Pet).

Now while I was here I picked up a few things to add to my collection.

This beautiful pink and white beaded Necklace is quite the hot fashion accessory for the girls this season.

And my personal favorite winter clothing item is this pink polkadot zipper vest.

Can I get one of these too momma?

I think we have sufficient goods!
In the cart you can see some black boots. I got the Howl-o-ween Witch Boots on sale. It was the last pair!!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
*Fashion Director*


  1. You are always styling Mollie Jo. I love your peace t-shirt.


  2. You always find da nicest clothes! Mom looked at PetSmart yesterday and all dey had was coats...and me don't need a coat in Florida. Me needs a dwess for the Valentine Day Pawty!


  3. Did you get the Jaunty Apricot Frock? I think you would look STUNNING in it!!

  4. Its like a fashion show and shopping spree extravaganza over there, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. where is this place ? =)


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