Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wild Wednesday Weather

Tuesday we heard on the news that we would be getting one round of wild weather at midnight on Wednesday and then another round at 7 Wednesday morning. So as per usual we loaded up the car and headed for the hotel. But as we got there the radar was clear, so grandma didn't know if we should stay or go home. After talking it over we decided to go home. Just as we were getting off at our exit momma saw a post from the Weather Athority saying that we were in a TORNADO WATCH so back to the hotel we went. My my what a way to send an hour and a half than driving up and down I-24!

Since our favorite hotel was booked we had to stay next door at Days Inn.

Once we got checked in I went straight to bed.

Hammy sat and cried. He didn't understand what was going on. But after a milk bone snack he calmed down and went night night.

All night there were small pop up storms but nothing severe. Then at 6 am or so the big one hit. Luckily our area was spared but up in Paducah, KY there was a lot of homes damaged. And in Harrisburg, IL there was tornado that tore apart their city. We sent puppy prayers for all those who were in the hard hit areas.

Here is what it looked like on the iPhone

And here is what it looked like out our hotel window. Major rains, quite a few rumbles of thunder and gusty winds.

About 8AM the last of the storms blew through and it was safe fur us to go exploring....

... leave a pee-mail...

...or two.

Then we loaded up the car and headed fur home.

Whew what a wild Wednesday!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo and Hammy

Pee Ess: Happy LEAP year!


  1. Whew, I am so glad that y'all are safe and sound!! It has been some crazy wind here in Tennessee, but so far it has all been good!! Keep safe!


  2. Glad you are OK. I've been reading about the wild weather over there on a few blogs today. Must have been a bit scarey.

    Nice to be home I bet

    Love and licks, Winnie

  3. I am beyond THRILLED that you are all ok!!
    I was praying for you!

    I am so grateful that your Mommy does EVERYTHING to keep you all safe...She is most pawsome!

    One day I want to come see Kentucky

  4. I was thinkin about you all when I hear the Weather this morning. Glad that you were safe in the motel.

  5. We heard about all this crazy weather....starting out just like it did last spring. We're so glad you're all OK.

  6. so scary...all our paws are crossed
    Benny & Lily

  7. I am glad you are all safe and sound.

    Loveys Sasha


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