Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Remembered

We can't believe that 2009 is already coming to an end...We have less than 12 hours left (We are in central time). With a little inspriation from Jazzi we wanted to remember some of the fun things that happened this year.

We did lots of fun errands like going to the post office! Especially during the month of December when we had to mail our DWB Christmas cards.

We attended lots of parties for our birthdays and Halloween.

We had to endure baths...and having our pictures taken while in the bathtub.

We also learned that foster siblings are not so bad and we even learned to play with them and not just give the stink eye!

Remember images like this:

We also got lots of treats and bye bye rides this year too...Which is most fun!

But the biggest thing we will remember about 2009 is it is the year we started blogging and met all of our new friends from all across the world!

Heres to a 2010 filled with fun and exciting posts!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: We overheard momma talking to a lady on the phone last night...I think we have some foster siblings coming...This can't be good...she is making a list of what crates she will need...oh dear....Now she is oohing over a pictures sent to her email...oh my....what are we going to do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. Happy New Year from us too! Great review of 2009!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Happy New Year to you too! We are glad to be one of your friends!
    xxoo Deborah and my pack!

  3. Hi Molly Jo and Bobo, grrreat year in review. It was a good one for you. I hope that 2010 is even better.
    I know you can share a bit of your good fortune with whoever it is that is coming to spend time with you. Remember, YOU get to stay. I'm just sayin'.

  4. Who ever comes, you will be helping them out and so you guys will be nice and helpful I know. Nice look back but dont ya just HATE those yucky baths with the flashy box right there?? Maybe I will do that to mom when she is in there and see how she likes it um...
    ~~~~OH! Mom just said DONT go there!! Geezzz.... just a bit touchy!!! lol

    Happy New Year

  5. It looks like you had a great year!

    Be easy on the foster pup. We've had fosters here, too, and they just need a gentle paw! I'm sure it'll be fun!


  6. Tank woo fur sharing your special memories with us!

    Here's to many more great ones next year!

    Happy 2010 to ALL of WOO!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  7. Lots of luck with the new arrivals - we know you will all do a great job. We are so happy we met you this year. Happy New Year to you and wishes from us to you for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  8. Happy New Year to you all!
    I am very happy to be your friend!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. More foster siblings? Oh well, your time alone was brief, but fun and you had an awesome year.

    Happy New Year!


  10. Happy New Year Mollie Jo & Bobo

    warm kisses

  11. Hi Mollie and Bobo,

    We know you will treat your new guests nicely cause you are very special doggies. We wish you all a New Year of love, health and happiness!


    Pee ess,

    I LOVE your new background! It's very purdy.

  12. Happy New Year!! Ummm, good luck with your new foster siblings...Just remember that you are helping them find forever homes and maybe it won't be TOO bad...


  13. Happy New Year, Mollie Jo, Bobo, and family! Wow! You guys have been busy while our internet was being a pain in the rear. We had about 15 posts to catch up on. It looks like you had a great Christmas and I am so glad the medicine is helping Bobo's allergies. I have those too. Thanks so much for being my furiends in 2009 and I'm looking forward to sharing 2010 with you.

  14. Happy New Year, Mollie Jo and Bobo! We hope 2010 is a wonderful year for both of you!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Happy New Year Mollie Jo and Bobo!!! Happy 2010! Hugs from Chloe and LadyBug, the NY BichonsFrises


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