Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Big Squeeze

Alright we are on our way.

We went to the local flea market...They don't sell fleas...we asked.Momma and I stayed in the car...Grandma and Mollie went inside. Mollie went in looking like this.

She came out looking like this...She got a new Christmas shirt.

Then...We went to the vet...She tricked us with that little shopping trip.

After we checked in and got weighed, we were sitting in the waiting room and I noticed something....What is that up there...

Oh it's a camera...I wonder if it is linked to the north pole...if it is Santa Paws maybe watching...Hmmm...I better not bite the vet tech today...BOL BOL (I only bit a vet once a long time was my first time at a vet...I was scared...)

Meanwhile Bobo was flirting with the ladies...Man he sure loves the ladies...this time it was a little cream pics....she stayed in her crate the entire time.
I hear 'em coming...OH NO!!!

There are our charts and the vet techs tools of torture.

We had to have our anal glands expressed...Oh the horror...It's the worst things ever! While we were on the table momma had them clip and dremel our nails...Sure why not just keep us up there longer.

Alright we are done can we go now?

Oh sweet freedom!

After the vet we hit a few consignment shops...Momma and I mostly stayed in the car and people watched...Grandma and Mollie did the shopping.

Then we stopped at a new place...A lady met us out front and handed mom something...It was a bag of Peanut butter drops from a new bakery called Bratty Bytz Bistro...They are all for us!

Oh they are soooooooo good!


After 2 each momma put them up and said no more...I just sat and stared in hopes she would let me have another.

No luck...I actually fell asleep on the way home...

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. Y'all shopping trip was fun, save the vet visit.
    I like shopping with Mommy. It is fun.
    Sally Ann

  2. WE got tricked once too about going to the vet. That was sneaky BUT good thing is you got some good treats, a ride in the car & stroller, and the new sweater is sweeeet.
    Ernie & Sasha
    Like your pic in the header.

  3. Hi, Molly Jo and Bobo!
    I know how you felt! The same happened to me this past week!
    But you were "luckier" than me!
    You first went shopping and later you got treats!
    I need to talk with my mom about it!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. You forgot all about the V-E-T squeezing your bottom once those cookies came out I am sure. A most productive adventure for both of you.


  5. Love that lovely new Package sweater. You look grrreat in it. Sorry about that squeezie thing though. Nummers snacks.

  6. Well, the shopping and the yummy treats may have made the trip to the vet not so bad.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. What a day! At least it ended with tasty treats!!

  8. Whew...that was a busy busy day!! All's well that ends with cookies!!


  9. Well, at least you got to do something fun before and after the V.E.T.S., so that made up for it, right??

    Chi kisses, Lilibell


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