Friday, February 19, 2010

A Boneafide Product Review: Strollers by Pet Gear

Just before the Chi-wa-wa's arrived we started a weekly project called A Boneafide Product Review. We are happy to report that Fridays will once again be Product Review Fridays. Here we go!

This weeks product is the pet stroller. Our strollers are both by Pet Gear and available at most Petsmart and/or Petco stores and online at various boutiques.

From the momma:
I originally bought Mollie a stroller because we go to flea markets/stores/antique stores where they have limited walking space and she get underfoot. This was not bought as a novelty item.

Mollies stroller is the pink Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller Plus. It features a large sitting area with fuzzy mat, canopy for those sunny days, a 2 drink holders for mom, and a storage bin for your shopping bags. The front can be left open or zippered shut depending on what your pets needs are. This stroller also has rear breaks which have come in handy on more than one occassion. The wheels on this stroller are nice big and thick and have held up well. The back also has a zipper so it can be opened...I like to jump in from the back. It was also nice when we were working the yard sale at grandmas work I had both ends open.

Momma wanted me to point out that that is stroller is so easy to fold up she can do it with only one hand and dosen't take up much room in our trunk.

The zipper front is the only minus as it is hard to get started. After you get it started it zips with ease.

This stroller is $159.99 at Petco online (but its on internet sell for $109.99). Momma got mine in store at Petsmart for $149.99 (she thinks) but that was 4 years ago.

The official grade for this stroller is an A!

I just love my stroller!

Bobo's stroller is the Pet Gear Blue Ultra Light Pet Stroller. His also offers a canopy, fuzzy mat, storage bin, rear wheel breaks. This stroller fold up flat and doesn't take up much room in the trunk.

It is a little harder to fold up than Mollie's so a few points were docked from the overall score. What also affected the score was that the back does not open on this model. Also the only blue stroller we were able to find in a store was the Ultra light.

The price of this stroller is $89.99 at Petsmart online. I actually purchased it for $69.99 at Petsmart in store while they were having a sale.

The official grade of this stroller is B-!

As you can see in this side by side picture Bobo's Stroller is somewhat smaller. That is the biggest difference between the two strollers (other than color).

So if you have an older dog that just can't make the long walks or a dog that loves to shop a stroller might be for you. There are other styles of strollers for sale and even double strollers...BOL!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

***Disclaimer a stroller should not be used instead of walks. Daily walks are necessary for a happy healthy dog. We reccomend this product to aid dogs when they are older, have health issues, or for in flea markets/stores.


  1. What a grrreat Idea. It is really nice to hear from someone who HAS the product. Thanks!!!

  2. Great review!!

    Be sure to stop by our bloggie today. We've given you an award!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  3. Nice rides. Can't you two fit in the same stroller, or are they small inside?
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Cool! Do you think I could fit in one of those?

  5. I've always wondered if a pet stroller was worth the bucks. Thanks for the endorsement!

  6. Thank you for this great review. I will share with my M who fights the idea of getting a stroller for me and Frankie even though it would make her life so much easier. As for the walk, do not fret. We get and will continue to get plenty of exercise so we can stay healthy and fit

  7. Great review!! That's the way to find our what's good & what's not so good.
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  8. Thanks for the great info! Mom has thought about getting us a stroller cause she likes going to flea markets. The antique malls/stores around here don't allow strollers inside.


  9. I like the way you two roll. None of ours would fit - oh wait, the cat!

  10. Great product review! Hearing the facts from someone who has and uses a product is always so helpful. I ride on mom's lap in her wheelchair.

  11. Great review!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Hi just dropped by to say hello! Wow, strollers for pups? What will they think of next? Grrrreat review, thanks!

    Hope to see ya soon,
    Riley and Star.

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