Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updates from the Poodles....Part 1

OH MY DOG! Momma has been busy with her schoolwork, helping grandma with her schoolwork, and dogs (that are not us). But enough with the excuses. Todays update will be about all the doggie that have come thorugh here.

You all remember Sadie..the one who ate her mattress when she spent the night. She was accepted into a rescue up north after many months of momma calling trying. Well she was adopted! She has a german shepard brother and a big fenced yard to play in!

When one of mommas rescue friends found out she was able to get Sadie into rescue she asked if momma could get Duke into rescue. Duke has been with a rescue in KY for nearly a year and never adopted. Momma was able to get him into the same rescue Sadie went to...just a few weeks later. Momma just got an update yesterday and he was adopted! His family has 3/4 acre fenced yard for him to run in and has had 12 rescued labs over the years so they know the breed.

While we had the Chi-wa-wa's a min pin was in need of getting to rescue and his transport was coming through this way. The doggy Nanny said she would love to help and volunteered for our leg. Well she decided to foster him until a home could be found. A business friend of Doggy Nanny's just lost their dog and fell in love with Tank. They did end up adopting him and he is a great addition to their family. Tank just loves their kids and they run and play until they all fall down from exaustion.
Now onto the Chi-Wa-Wa's

Marley was adopted by a co-worker of grandma's. He still lives close and has come by for a visit since his adoption.

Peter Patches was adopted by a family in Paducah KY. We get reports he is doing well and been renamed Napeoleon.
Danny was adopted by family in Paducah, KY who has 2 other Chihuahua's. He is just part of the gang and goes everywhere with his family.
Winnie was adopted by a family in Paducah, KY. She has the life of leisure and her family just loves her to death. She also was invited to attend a doggie birthday party and had a time just sitting on the couch watching the young pups play.
Mady was adopted by a family in TN and is adjusting well. She has since gotten a Yorkie brother to play with.
Nellie was adopted by a lady in Paducah, KY and was doing well. Sadly she was returned to us and died later that night. The vet thinks it was rat poison and intentional. At least Nellie is at the Rainbow Bridge and has no fear, no pain, and feeling better.

Jinger was adopted by a family in MO and has been renamed Lola (don't ya just love that name). She has a chi brother named Jax and gets to go to work with her mom (a groomer) and new big brother. Soon after getting her home her mom updated on face book that Lola has 12 dresses and tons of blankets...I guess they went shopping!
Ruffee was adopted by one of momma's transport friends in IN. He has a Staffordshire Terrier mix brother and 3 human siblings. They are thinking of nameing him Fonzie....but can't quite decide on a name.

Snickerdoodle....Oh Snickerdoodle...Momma had decided that it was in the best interest to find him a good home so that he could have all the attention he needs. So she put him on Petfinder and after sifting through the people who wanted to breed him and found a family that was perfect. So they did the proper procedures and they checked out. They came met him and fell in love and took him home. After 3 hours he was returned due to allergies. Monday the family emailed and said that maybe the allergic reaction was to something else and wanted to try again. So he was adopted again. After a week their current dog was playing with Snicker but was mad at his pawrent so they returned him again. So it has been quite an emotional ride as momma and grandma want to keep him. After much disscuion they did think it was best to find him an adoptive home and called the next approved applicant on the list. They came out last night and are going to do a one week home trial to see if things are going to work. Oh man...this boy is a trouble maker. BOL

Now you have been caught up on the Chi-wa-wa situation....Now back to us...the next update post we will make will involve a wish and alot of white stuff!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. That is so great to hear that everybuddy has found a good home, but so sad about poor little Nellie, the hoomans who did that to her are just plain mean.

    As far as Snickerdoodle, Mom would just love to take him and give him all the lovin he needs, but we live too far away from you guys :(

    Thanks for popping in and providing us with all these pawtastic updates! We've been missing you on here.

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  2. Oh we are so happy about the doggies that found good homes but we are SO angry about what happened to Nellie - those people are just evil! We know your mom must have been very upset by that because we know she has such a big wonderful heart! And wow, Snickerdoodle is just a cutie - I really hope this works out for him. If we didn't have the crazy cats I would drive down myself and get him for us - but he probably would be better off not having a crazy kitten brother who loves to wrestle (I mean, Barney is HUGE for his age - Snickerdoodle wouldn't stand a chance). He is just SOOOOO cute!

    We are excited to see the updates but we can't wait to hear about you two in the next one!!

  3. Wow-wee you all have been busy! We are so happy to hear all about the doggies finding homes. We are very sad and mad to learn Nellie was poisoned! Some hoomans are just plain evil.

    Glad to see you back bloggin'.


  4. HOLY MOLY!!! YAY for ALL the pups!!! We really pullin' for Snickerdoodle! We hope the trial works out for him! Missed you guys, and hope to see ya around some more!

  5. What an adventure! Some great news that all those pups got adopted. We are sad to hear about the little pup going to rainbow bridge and hope that other one works out during his week trial.

    Thanks to yoru momma and grandmomma fro all they do!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  6. Soooo glad to hear from you again. LOVE the header pic of your little bummers. I hope Snickerdoodle gets a home. That would be Chi Wa WOW!!

  7. Poor poor Nellie - how sad and how cruel and how stupid!!! But we are glad to hear that all those other pups were able to find good homes. Paws crossed for Snickerdoodle to find his furever spot too.

    Congrats and thanks to your Mom for all her hard work to help pups.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  8. Hey we missed you all.. Thank you for the update and the news on all the woofies.. How sad that the poor little Nellie had to go through that.. As you say she is now free from pain and hurt.. That is a lot of good your mummy and grandma have done.. HUgs GJ xx

  9. I'm so happy! These posts make me jump up and down with joy and gratitude. All these rescues!!! As for Snickerdoodle... a bit sad but I'm not worried. Thank you for a fantastic rescue update. You and all involved in this are angels.

  10. Ai shewawa! You guys have been busy! I'm glad that it's worked out well for most of them!


  11. WOW!! We are so happy you have a persistent and kind Mom and Grandmom who love canines and want to get them the best home possible. It makes us sad to think that someone would intentionally feed a dog rat poison. We're kicking the soapbox out from under Mom before she starts off on a tirade!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  12. Thanks for the update!
    I am very happy all of them found nice homes.
    Sorry to know about Nellie. What they did to her is very bad.
    Kisses and hugs

  13. What a full post!

    Of khourse, the underlying theme is WOO HAVE SOME GREAT LADIES IN YOUR LIFE!

    Thank woo fur the pupdates!


  14. What wonderful work your mom and grandmother do! Thanks for the updates on all that have crossed your path. So sorry to hear about poor little Nellie. Our dad has a cousin that lives in Paducah.

    Hoping you both get wonderful Valentine treats this weekend,
    Elliott, Smoke, Dani and Mikey

  15. Oh, it's so good to hear from you two!! We love your new layout too! Glad to know that so many of the rescue doggies have wonderful lives thanks to you guys and your Moms!! You guys are PAWSOME!!


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