Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updates from the Poodles Part 2: SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!!!

Already we are to part 2 of our updates.
Remember a long time ago we had the "little flurries"....Well we closed our eyes and wished upon this little flurry...that we would get lots of snow to play in just like our blog buddies.

Well....We got some! Here is my pawprint.

Looking at all my snow!

We frolicked!

We also did snow zoomies!

Then we ran....Oh to feel the cool breeze in our furs and the cold stuff under our paws!

All too soon it melted away but a few weeks later....We got lots more.

Here we go...booty action!

You can hardly see the cars.

Then we head inside.
All too soon that round of snow melted.
Then you will never guess what happened next....We got even more!!!!!!!!!

At some point in between snows we got a shave....can you tell?

Bigify to see the snow on Bobo's snooter...BOL

That is one high stepping doggie...just look at his ear AND paw action!

Right now our yard is a muddy mess...but we still have a few large patches of snow to play in...Oh don't ya just love the snow?!?!?!

So after much wishing on the few sparce flurries we got...we finally got lots of snow! Momma says its time for it to all melt and be spring time. She says she is tired of digging the cars out...We keep telling her...we don't have to go anywhere we have all the fun we need right here...but she will not listen. BOL
We have one more update post coming...tomorrow.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. Isn't all this snow fun!! We got a bunch too! They say we may get more this weekend too! Moms and Dad say they are tired of it and the cold too. Now, they want to move to Florida!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  2. What cool snow pics! That looked like so much fun and we just love the pink and blue sweaters.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. How fun for you two. Glad you liked it. Nice hair cuts.

  4. I swear you have more snow than we do! (Well, maybe not, but relatively - we are in the land of "The Greatest Snow on Earth" - you'd think that we have more than we do.) I LOVE the sweaters! (And the haircuts... I go in for mine tomorrow...)

    *kissey face*

  5. What cool snows you got!!! It almost makes me want it to snow....Almost!!

    You 2 are looking too cute!!!

  6. Well, we know you doggies love the snow, but us kitties don't really like it too much. We don't go outside, so we can't play in it, and our mom complains about it all the time! So we can't wait for spring - so she will stop complaining!

    We can wait for the next update!!

  7. We are happy you like the snow. Maybe we can arrange to send ALL of ours to you for the next 10 years. O'kay?


  8. Wow, that's a lot of white stuff! We don't get any here but Mama wishes we did. We're not so sure that we would like it as much as Mama. Chihuahuas and cold white stuff probably isn't a good combo! Especially when the Chihuahuas in question live in sunny SC! BOL.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  9. We love the snow too, but we would really love to get as much as Khyra got. Ours is slowly melting too. And our Mom is just as silly as yours, she so wants Spring.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  10. I love the paw print and your new sweaters, how you match your blog so nicely. Did you see all of our snow over at my blog???

  11. Snow is the BEST and you got lots of it to play in! We got some too! whoooooooohooooooooo

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. See!

    Now woo know why I go snow KHRAZY!!

    I'm so glad woo had such fun times!!!


  13. I love your adorable baby blue and pink sweaters and tiny paw-prints! Stay warm now, kk?

  14. Love the sweaters AND the paw prints! You sure got lots of snow to do zoomies in!!


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