Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday Petco Winter Edition

Well the rumors were true! We did get to visit Petco and see their Winter 2011 Fashion line.

Aaahhh Winter...Its the magical time with snow, Santa Paws, sweaters and of course the puffy jackets. They had a nice selection of the latter two. I love the bone design on the puffy jacket.

Petco had this as its main line. They also had the Bone design puffy jacket in blue. The faux fur trim is sure to keep all pups nice and warm.

Petco brought back the pink puffy zippered harness. I pawsonally am in LOVE with these. I still have my heart patterened one from last year. Its held up well. I hope to snag the polka dot one when it goes on sale.

For those looking for a new harness may I suggest these lovely step-in style comfort harnesses. They are stylish, comfortable, and come in MANY lovely colors.

Now we are dogs who have never worn shoes and they are not as popular as a dog accessory...until now. Petco has a new line of shoes. Some in blue...
...some in pink...

...and some in tan. So whatever outfit you choose, there is sure to be a pair of shoes to match!

Last but not least....Halloween Costumes. Here are our top picks!

A furry bright witch with pinks and greens!

A frog prince complete with gold crown!

And the ever popular pumpkin. Its a classic! We love the new design of this one with sparkles on the greenery and a happy pumpkin face!

So you can't go wrong with any of the winter or halloween fashion at your local Petco!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
*Blogville Fashion Director*


  1. I have been waiting fur DAYS to see the new fashions.

    THAT STEP IN harness line looks grrrreat.

    I know there will be a LONG line waiting to get into the Dressing Rooms now.

    Thank you Mollie Jo, Blogville, Fashion Director

  2. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful new fashions. So many to choose from. Hard choices.
    The boots are kinda nice & those coats look toasty warm. All we need is LOTS of those
    green paper thingies....

  3. Mee jus' wuvs all da new winter fashions. Wish it got cold enough here to wear some of dem, but da harnesses are nice. Dos shoes would go all da way up to my thighs on my teenie weenie legs though.

  4. Oh dear, my mama is getting!!


  5. Thank you fashion queens we are heading over to Petco
    Benny & Lily


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