Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vaccinations,a Heartworm Test, and a Cat?!?!?!?

Well I knew it was coming just not this quick. Yep its time for my vaccinations. When I hopped in the car I saw this crate. I thought to myself...NO I am not riding in a crate.

Upon closer inspection the crate already had an animal in it. And a cat no less. See this is or should we say was the neighborhood cat. You will remember her from our "Aprils Fools Day posts" from years past. Well she is some 10 yrs old like I am and no one had been taking care of her. When she developed a cough momma couldn't stand by anymore and we officially "adopted" the cat and are going to get her all checked out, up to date on her vaccinations, and healthy.

So we trotted into the vets office.

And waited to be called.

Momma barely got the door shut before she de-dressed me and...

Flung my dress over the door knob!

Speaking of doors...Nice segway huh?!?! Lookie there I am the messy pet poster child!

As usual Bobo goes first. He gets super anxious if he has to wait in line for his "treatments". Bobo got the paw-ti-cure and butt-i-cure. He also had to have blood drawn for some tests. Dr. Jones, the one who shrunk our heads, wanted to make sure his insides were all well since starting his meds and because he quit eating for a quite a few weeks and lost 3.5 pounds. Well momma put him on an egg and kibble diet a few days ago (just before our visit) and he is eating like a little piggie! We confirmed that its ok for him to eat this mix and he got a big thumbs up!

Then they pulled the kitty out of the crate. Now being a outdoor free range kitty we didn't now how she would acclimate to being handled but did very well. She got a little drooley but that was all. She weighs an impressive 9.5 pounds. She had to have a heartworm/Feline Leukemia test, get her vaccinations, de-wormer and basic exam.

Then they pulled out the big guns. My shots, ear lookie innie thingie, and a bandage. I had to have my annual heartworm test, vaccinations, and exam.

After all of that was over and I was re-dressed we asked Dr. Flanary if we could see her new pomeranian puppy Fancy. We even brought her a gift.

She said that since we were such well behaved puppies that we could visit fur a minute. Isn't she the cutest evers??!!?!?!?! Her full name is Fancy Foo Foo and boy is she fancy. Just look at that bow!!! We made her a doggie quilt and bought her a duck squeaky toy. I hope she will enjoy them.

Once the humans released the puppy back to her momma we headed fur the car to check our Facebook page and pupdate our followers on our day.

To pay for my yearly shots and such I got to pay with this gift certificate. See last year at the Barktoberfest I danced my little heart out and won 1st place for best trick and this is what I won! It felt good to pay for my own vaccinations for once. And yes I passed my Heartworm test!!! Yea no heartworms!!!

But would ya look at how much that cat cost!!! Yikes The good news is that she is Heartworm free and negative for feline leukemia.

We both got new bell shaped tags and Rabies Certificates.

And Bobo's bloodwork came back all in the "normal" ranges. Good work Bobo!

Now I am furry tired and must have a nap.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
*Green Bandage Girl*


  1. Mollie Jo... your dress is PERFECT fur your DAWGTOR visit.
    I am so very much glad that the THREE of you got good reports!!

  2. Good job for the 3 of you on your vet visit and tests. That is always nice! We love your kitty and glad you guys are taking her "under your wing" so to speak!

    Of course, your dress was perfect!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Hi Mollie Jo! Wesa luved your post'ums the other day about all the fashions at Petco and we are so thrilled that you are a-ok and got to use a gift certificate for this years check-up. Tell Bobo we know'ums how he feels about the nail clips and butt squeeze. And tell your mama she is super dee duper for adopting the neighborhood kitty and Bell is a pretty names. By the way, we are envious of your great fashions!! :)
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Sisters and the Boys
    Gracie, Lily, and Mimi & George and Toby

  4. Well at least you could sit back and giggle while the other two were getting poked. I just love that dress. Perfect for the dogter visit. Now da kitty needs some clothes too. And where is Bobo's shirt? No service! BWHahahahahahah

  5. Congrats on gettin' through that V-E-T visit..... whew are they traumatic or what....almost as traumatic as gettin' the bill..BOL!

    I'm very happy that homeless cat has now got a home!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  6. Glad to see that everything went well!! :D

    Love and puppy kisses


  7. Wow that was quite a day! I sure is happy that all went well too! It was fury nice of you and your Mom to take care of the neighborhood kitty!

    You looked pawsome in your dress, but then again I would expect no less from you Molly Jo!

    woos, Tessa

  8. Hi Mollie Jo! We just love your dress!!! You are the BESTEST dressed girl we know!! We are very glad that you had a successful trip to the vet and that little puppy is super cute!! How nice of you to give her a special gift!! Very nice of your mama to take care of the little kitty too. Yes, those vet visits can be quite exhausting! We have to go get ours taken care of that little green bandage. Hope you are feeling better!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug


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