Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Your Questions Answered

Our bloggie furiends sure came up with some terrific questions fur us!!!! Here we go!

Higgins wrote:
I wanna know about your doggie stroller! How's the ride? Do you like it??

Well just after momma rescued me we were big on yard sales but after a few hours I got tired and when she saw a stroller in Petsmart she knew this would be great fur me. The instant momma put me in it I loved it. Since buying my first stoller I ride pretty much everywhere!!! The ride is smooth and I keep my favorite camo blankie inside. Bobo was so jealous of my ride he had to have one of his own. So now we are a two stroller family. We have never offered to jump out or anything. We love our strollers.

Chloe and Lady Bug write:
We would like to know just how you two got to be so very sociable?? It seems that you absolutely love to be around people!! And you always look adorable in your outfits!!

xoxo Chloe and LadyBug
We do love people.

Bobo has always been people friendly.
However when I first came to live here people scared me so I would always shy away but once I got used to being petted, I now crave the attention when I am out and about.

Tank writes:
I want to know how many collars you have.
Wow Tank thats a big question! Since we have something called "Collar Buckets" you may already know we have a pretty large collection. Collar Buckets are snapware style buckets that house our massive collar/leash/harness collection. After much counting and the use of mommas fancy TI-83 calculator we have the final tally...

15 Harnesses
108 Leashes
and are you ready fur this?!?!?!?
191 Collars

We didn't even know we had this many!!!! At LEASH we can ALWAYS be fashionable!
Frankie writes:

Where you store all of your Precious TAGS??? Do you have a Jewels box of your own?
We do have our own jewelry box. The charms (Mostly Petco Grooming Charms) are stored in the bottom portion in the clear boxes. Our tags (The ones that are engraved) are stored up top. Each tag is in a tiny plastic bag so they don't get all banged up and then each little bag is put in a zipper bag by category. The categories include Howl-i-day, Bobo, Mollie and Other. We are super organized. But with this many tags you must be organized.

Cindy writes

I want to know how you get your ears so poofy?


Fine question, we use a fine tooth comb. First we brush the ears down to make sure that any tangles are gone then brush the ears in the opposite direction to create the floof. We also use oatmeal shampoo it cleans well and gives our furs extra volume!!!
Higgins writes:

My mom wants to know if you mom grooms you or do you go to a groomer? She thinks your ears are always so adorable!!


We used to go every 8 weeks to Mrs Annette of Bubbles and Beds but momma kept hearing horror stories of doggies dying in the care of their groomers (not Mrs Annette though) so she decided to start grooming us herself. In AUG 2009 she began the journey of grooming. She learned all of her skills from you tube. Every now and then we go back to Mrs Annette when momma needs a break.
Sasha writes:

Hi and here is my question, well my Moms question really. How do you sit so nice for all the dress ups?? I am not at all into that and will fight back if needed when I see clothes come out. My Mom gets jealous of Mollie and Bobo cause you always have the cutie clothes on.What can Mommy do to get me into them without having to find bandages(really don't tell her cause I don't want her to know)?
licks and sniffs Sasha

Well I have always loved clothes, collars and dressing up. Some pups are born that way. One thing I can think of get out the clothes and treats. Every time your momma insists on dressing you, make sure you insist that you get a nummy treat like CHEESE. Soon you be comfortable with clothes cause you get nummies.

Hmmm...What shall I wear tomorrow?!?!?!?

See Sasha here is the box of Milk Bones momma shakes to get my attention when we are doing photo shoots and such. Gotta have some positive things to focus on!

Amber writes:

I wanna nose just how you guys got to be sooooooo cute???

We just gots lucky I guess. Plus oatmeal shampoo doesn't hurt! Not that I advocate bathing in the least.


Wow that was a ton of fun!!!!

As per the Valentines Pawty...Yes we are attending. Mommas been so behind reading the blogs....Whats new? But we shall get caught up soon.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a furry special post bouts...well we will let that be a surprise!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. Pawsome advice, I learned so much. Thanks for the info on getting dressed up, I guess if there is cheese involved I might have to give in. Thanks again Mollie and Bobo and kisses for both of you.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  2. Oatmeal shampoo, huh? Now doesn't that involve getting a......bath? {shiver}

  3. OMD that is a lot of collars!!!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Mollie Jo, you really have quite a wardrobe between all those collars, clothes and tags. Thanks for the info on your ears. I wish I could give them a pet. I bet they are very soft.


  5. Love the post!

    .....and I thought I had lots of clothes! I need to get busy shopping!!

  6. You sure are lucky to have such an extensive wardrobe! That's a BUNCH of collars and harnesses and!!! Love all of your tags too!! Tell your momma that she does an AMAZING job with her grooming. We do not like to go to the groomer...we don't like to leave mama. But mama doesn't do such a good job when she tries to groom us and she always ends up taking us to get us "fixed" BOL!!! OH! We LOVE our stroller too!!! This was such a great post....maybe we should ALL answer some questions?? xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Loved reading all the answers to all those pawsome questions! I am really keeping my eye on that stroller...I think my mom needs to get me one! BOL!!

    OMD, I love your collar and wardrobe collection...I need to go shopping, ASAP!

    Thanks for the great post! I have learned so much! :o)



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