Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Crazy Storms and Motel 6

My dog you will not believe the weather we have been having. Last Wednesday (FEB 29 2012)/Thursday (Mar 1 2012) we were watching the weather and they were predicting some nasty storms over night Thursday and all the way into Friday afternoon. So in lieu of staying in the tin box (our mobile home) we opted for a nice secure room at Motel 6. We got checked in Thursday evening...

...And our room was next to a large grassy area. Which allowed us to have some fun running, sniffing and much more.

There was lots of pee-mail here!

Not long after arriving the winds began to blow with fury!

So we decided to head back to our room.

To our surprise grandma had supper ready for us. It so much more fun to eat in a new place!

Overnight (Thursday night into Friday morning) not much happened but we did get some high winds and thunder storms. It was nice to be able to sleep and hear nothing at all!

Friday morning Uncle Puppy arrived. Doggy Nanny didn't want him staying home alone with bad weather coming while she went to the doctor.

He promptly made him self right at home!

After we took grandma to work and Doggy Nanny picked up Uncle Puppy we got a snack of Cheetos and tuned into WPSD Local 6. They had issued a weather alert day and took over the entire tv channel to pupdate on weather activity.

Here is the radar. The storms kept building and headed straight fur us!

To the west of us torn-ma-doe warnings were being issued thats when we decided to get the most interior part of our room ready. We put Hamilton in his cage, put pillows in the tub, stashed our doggie bag next to the Hamilton, and grabbed some blankets. If a torn-ma-do was spotted near us we were ready!

Then it happened our area was placed in a torn-ma-do warning and momma put us in the tub. We closed the door and watched the news via the iphone.

Momma snapped this pic just before closing the door of the rain starting.

Momma peaked out from time to time and it got real bad. The rain was pouring, hail was falling, and the wind was blowing. Grandma was in the break room at work when it came through and she thought the glass door were going to bust. So she found a place of safety and called to check on us. We were safe in our tub-bed. Momma was kind of freaking out though. She was all worried and stuff.

After 30 minutes or so the warning was lifted as the storms moved east.

We were released from the tub-bed!!!!

We looked out the window and it was bright and sunny. The temps rose to an amazing 80 degrees that afternoon.

After the storms were gone we got kinda board...

...So we changed collars and headed down the road to PETSMART!!!

Looks like someone has been bad!!!

While at Petsmart I found a too cute tank top but you will have to wait to see it till I do my full Spring Petsmart Fashion post this Friday.

Back at the hotel we let Hamilton loose and he had a ball! Momma was laughing so hard she only managed to get one shot of him playing but he was going full speed zoomies around the beds, playing with my frog toy, and chewing up shoes!

Then it was bed time.

Saturday morning when we got home we surveyed the damage. Symsonia didn't receive any direct hits (storms or torn-ma-does) but the winds were so violent we did get some damage.

First we had a limb stuck on power lines. It has since been removed by our electric company.

The top of a tree broke off and crashed in our yard.

Follow me I see more damage this way.

And we had a few shingles ripped from our shed.

As I was surveying the damage Mr. Ben pulled up in our drive way. He came to meet Hamilton.

From the first moment he held him he knew he wanted to adopt him. So...

...We gave Mr. Ben all Hamiltons things and they headed home to meet the rest of the family.

Can't believe Hamilton is already adopted!

Good Luck Ben and Hamilton!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie & Bobo


  1. So glad to hear you all made it through the storms okay. I had been thinking of you last week while that was going on. How great it is that Hamilton has a new home now.


  2. Yay that Hamilton is adopted! (Although he's a cutie-pie!) Glad you guys were safe and sound during the storms - we were watching the news on and off, hoping that everyone we knew was able to get to shelter and be safe. Scary stuff! On another note, Abby and Uncle Puppy are SO related - some how, somewhere - those two are twins! And for some reason, Mom wants to give you snooter kisses. Apparently your little-poodle-y cuteness just overwhelms her at times! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. Oh, and when Mom had her Mustang, she claimed that the car was geared so that when it was in its power-band, you were always at least 5mph over the speed limit. Luckily she didn't ever have to try that lame excuse on the cops! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  4. had a mini va-k-shun except fur all da to-ma-toe warnings. Glad your house was still there when you got home.

    Yip-pee fur Hamilton. He's a real cutie!

  5. WHEW... what a grrrreat END to a Scary couple of days!! Sorry you had ANY damage..butt I am sure you are countin yourselves LUCKY after seeing what Others had happen.

  6. We are so happy you made it through those storms, and delighted Hammy has a furever home. He sure is a cute little fella!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  7. Gosh, I am happy that you all had a safe place to go! And I am glad no one got hurt.
    Thank goodness for the pillows to go in that bathtub! Right? That piece of tree that fell in your yard was big!
    Hammy is so cute

  8. WOW, you had quite the experience. Gee....a tub bed!! who knew huh?? I am glad that nothing big happened and that everyone was ok.

    Jazzi and Addy

  9. My mom was thinking about y'all! We had those nasty storms in Tennessee as well and we did nothing but watch the news, ready at any time to take cover in the bathroom!! The good news for us is that we live in a holler, so we are a little more protected than those that live up top on the hill! But it is still very scary! I am so glad that y'all made it safe and sound through the storms!



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