Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Portraits, Storms and Framing!

During Mango Minster I won Best in Show and the Too Darn Cute categories. Well another of my prizes arrived. Its a custom drawn portrait. Well since Grandma's birthday was coming up we decided to order a second from Adrienne of Bobo for grandma. And once they arrived we couldn't keep it a secret another week so we gave it to her a week early. She was so happy!!!

If you would like to order your own custom drawing visit her Etsy shop.

After giving grandma her present we watched the 10pm news and well they predicted severe weather and ya know what that means! Thankfully Motel 6 has budget friendly rates and free pet policy.

Even though our budget is getting stretched to the max it was a time to celebrate as this is Buttercup's first night at a hotel.

We were in room 206...Upstairs

She loved looking over the second floor balcony.

All too soon it was night night time.

We slept well and according to momma about 3-4 am it was quite active. Lots of thunder, lightning and raining.

However by morning it was clear and the blue sky was a welcome sight.

Then we had to pick out the days outfits.

Alright we are ready.

Grandma are you ready yet?

Since we were already in town we decided to stop by Hobby Lobby and get frames for our custom drawn portraits.

On the way to the frame aisle I found many things that sparked my interest.

Fashion dolls...

...poodle and Paris things...

...cupcakes a plenty...

...and of course a mirror. I had to make sure my hair looked nice!

Ah ha we have arrived in the right aisle.

First we have to choose mats.

Looking good

oooh Pretty!

I think we have a winner!

My my so many frames!

As we were searching we saw a sign....50% off. I love me a bargain!

We found one that complimented our furs so took it up to the counter.

Since they didn't come with hangers we had to get them put on.

We continued to shop while they fixed our frames and I found another sale. All metal signs were 50% off so I checked them out.

I found not just one...

...but two that were perfect for my studio!

Momma can we go sit in the car I am BOARD!

So grandma took me and Bobo went with momma to the car. Thank dog I kept shopping cause ya know what I found? A way cool milkbones doggie bed. Its perfect for the studio as well. We have been looking for a way to showcase our quilts. Sadly momma took the camera with her so we couldn't get a picture in store but you will see it very soon.

After we picked up the bed we grabbed the frames and joined Bobo and momma in the car.

The next errand we had was to run to Wal-E-Mart and look what momma found. Its a beautiful summer dress.

Lastly we had to make a small deposit in the bank.

Yipee they remembered the milk bones!

Oh it looks so nummy!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Bobo and buttercup


  1. Despite having to ride out the storm in the hotel it looks like you had a fun outing. I love your spring dress and the new one your mom picked up for you.


  2. BUTTERCUP????? I thought the name was gonna be FRANKIE! Well,I guess SHE does look as CUTE as a Buttercup and She IS Yellow. OK. OKAY. I give up.. BUTTERCUP it is.

    I love that Anchor Dress.. Wally Marte Original.

    Your Portraits are just fabulous!! I like the matt colors.

  3. you guys are so hilarious. Momma is laughing so hard at the picture of you posing with your doggy in the carrier!!!
    Benny & Lily

  4. What a super blog! The pictures are so beautiful.
    I love it, thanks for sharing


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