Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Mollie Murano Mobile

 This past Saturday we had a furry impawtant errand to run.  Grandma needed chocolate brown serger thread to finish my blanket.  So we headed out furry early to hit a few yard sales on the way and guess what we got to town too early and the thread shop wasn't open so grandma has the bright idea to drive through a car dealer lot.  Cause once momma finds a good full time job she wants to trade in the Chevy (which we all hate) for a new SUV or Crossover SUV.  See we needs more room for our stuff when we are out.  So we were just going to "look" and maybe "test drive" one or two to see which brand we want to go with when the time comes.  Well once grandma saw a Used Nissian Murano, her *heart* car, at Paducah Ford she told momma lets "look" at it and see what you think.  Momma sat inside and instantly was in LOVE.  So they talked about it while we drove around the lot and looked at other cars but nothing was like the Murano. They discussed it and since momma was already looking for a job and still working part time for Dr. Flanary that we could handle making the payments till a full time job could be found.  To be sure that the sticker price was fair we drove to the nearby Nissian dealer and a similar used car was $24,000.  Ouch!  Soo back to Paducah Ford we went and...

...We headed inside to see what kinda deal could be made.  Momma was all ready for haggling ever since she got such a good deal on Grandmas car! 

 First we asked for a Vehicle History Report to ensure this was a good vehicle we were going to buy.  It came back with great reviews.

Then came the BAD news.  Our old Chevy had a "Water Damaged" Title.  Well that made no sense cause we never left our car in a flood and when we bought the car no one mentioned that the previous owner left it in a flood.  So we were shocked...grandma most of all.  She just kept saying...."what the heck....water damage?  Really...What the heck!!!!".  That stopped the deal dead in its tracks.  We had to go outside to discuss what to do next.  We knew with water damage the trade in value would be minimal but really do we wanna keep an alleged water damaged car that has existing engine troubles, a clicking noise, a non working remote, broken visors and 3 broken air vents?  So momma took the lead and told grandma we was going to haggle till we got a price that was fair for trade in and research this "Water Damaged" title further.  And really we poodles can't be driving around in a Crap Wagon!  So we left grandma outside to think and back in we went...
We talked about sticker price, trade in price, and blue books price.  After every discussion Mr. Murphy had to go "talk to the big boss".

While the grown ups were deal making we were napping.  

Finally momma haggled a trade in price of $2750 and a purchase price of $15,995 ($1,000 Below blue book price for this car).  Momma was quite proud of herself!

So Mr. Murphy took our informations and went to make the final paper! We officially bought a car!  This made momma a bit sick to her tummy having car payments but we told her it bes ok.  If all else fails we can join the circus doing tricks and bring in big bucks!  

After the paperwork was filled out they handed momma the key...

 ...we unloaded the crap wagon...

 ...put everything in the Murano and set out for home!

Before we left Mr. Murphy mentioned that momma must like taking pictures as she had the camera out the entire time.  So we handed him a blog card and he said he cant wait to see  our blog.  So Mr. Murphy if you are reading this we say HELLO!

Funny thing is once we bought the car we furgot to go to Calico Country and pick up serger thread.  :(  So no blanket for me yet!  

Once we got home we showed the car off to Doggy Nanny and Tigger...Took everyone for a ride and just as we pull into the yard it begins a down pour!  And for us it was a miracle as we have had 3 LONG weeks with out rain and hot hot hot weather.  It was such a joyous thing we all sat on the porch and listened to the rain and thunder!  Momma was so over joyed that she went as far as standing out in the rain and got totally soaked.  If only I could have gotten a pic of that!    So it was a perfect end for a fun day.

 Ok so not everyone was a fan of the rain but it was much needed!

Here is the first official picture of our new Murano.  Isn't it stylish?!?!?  I think so.  And no this isnt our yard...Momma was at a pet sitting job when she took this one.  More on that tomorrow.

Look at all the room in the back.  We could fit tons of clothes, tags and treats in there!!!!

Momma is still worried that she wont find a job and the payments are scary but she is happy with the new addition!  We also did alot of work on checking out the water damage on the Chevy and as per the DMV its title is totally clean.  Momma got all the proof and went back to the dealership to see if we could get more on it since it has a clean title and guess what?!?!  Once they get proof from Frankfort, KY that it has a clean title they are going to give us full trade in value.  We will be recieving an additional $1500. So that makes momma feel betters and we can put up many payments once we get that money!

The vehicle has now been officially name the Mollie Murano Mobile!  I too love it and can't wait fur a road trip!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo


  1. Congratulations on your new wheels. It looks great. And good for your mom for being tough and following through with the water damage thingy.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW M.M.M.. No more crap wheels fur YOU!!! Top of the LINE ONLY!!!

  3. What a nice set of wheels. Way to go to get the full value for the trade in too.


  4. Awesome! Congratulations on that cool ride
    Benny & Lily

  5. Nice new wheels and cool rain too. Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly


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