Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pet Taxi, Pet Sitting and a Stray

 Momma's been booking pet sitting jobs and taxi jobs left and right!  I will let her take over this post since it has nothing to do with us!

2 weekends ago booked a pet sitting job for a Bichon named Tori Ann.  When I arrived there was even a "WARNING" on the door!!!!

 But when she knocked I saw this...

Tori's momma asked if I would mind sitting for cousin Shelby Renee the pomapug.  Well I got one look at that little face and couldn't resist!

Shelby Renee all leashed up and ready to go out while...

Miss Tori Ann went leash free.

hmmm...Wonder whats for din din?


Oh with little cesars topping.  OK that be good!

After Tori did her business she trotted back to the porch...

...sniffed the rug...

...and asked to be let back in.  It was way hot!

Then it was supper time.

You make a mean bowl of kibbles!

This past Thursday I pet sat for the Jeffrey family.
 This is Gizmo the Peke

And little Gracie Girl!  

At the first visit they were very calm sweet dogs but at the next visit...

 Gracie's inner cRaCkEr doggie came out and she got her chicken toy and really shook him all about!

Then laid down and rolled all over the living room with the chicken.  What a  silly girl!

The following morning I booked a Pet Taxi job for a little spaniel girl named Angel.  And an Angel she was!  

Hopped right in the back of the MMM and away to the clinic we went.  She was getting her teeth cleaned.  

And more recently we had a little Beagle furiend show up. 

Once we were able to catch him we called the number on his tag and his owner was here in  5 minutes to pick him up.

His name is Mo and he lives on Granny LN.  Where we go scootering!  

So the moral of todays post is I still love my part time job which in all reality is becoming a full time job with so many bookings and putting tags/collars on your pet will result in them being reunited with you in the event they are lost.  

-Katie (the momma)


  1. Your job may involve a lot of running around, but how fun to get to play with so many different pups.


  2. what a bunch of cutie pies
    Benny & Lily

  3. What fun! Have a happy Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly


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