Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pink Baby Arrives in Kentucky!

Mollie and Bobo open Pink Baby’s box.

Pink Baby wanted to tell Mollie and Bobo about her past travels.

Pink Baby wanted to join Mollie in her big girl bed, but her legs were just not long enough.

Mollie lent a helping paw to get PB up the stairs at Grandma’s house.

All the doggies decided to lay out in the sun this morning. Mollie did notice something wasn’t quite right…

Mollie went through the collar box and found one of her collars that would fit PB.

Pink Baby also wanted to see what Miss Kylie has been doing while she has been traveling.

-Katie, Mollie, Bobo, and Pink Baby


  1. It looks like woo have made her feel right at home!


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  3. We're so glad Pink Baby made it to Kentucky safely. It looks like she will have a great time with you.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Hi Pink Baby... it's me, Tank! Hope you have fun in Kentucky!

  5. I love the photos Anne

    I am glad pink baby is with you but just don't let pink baby get too much attention. Sasha

  6. I'm So excited Pink Baby made it safely! Thanks for letting her check out my blog and see the good news we are moving! I can't wait to see what else you all get to do together!


  7. Hey Pink Baby - you've sure been travelling a lot since leaving Tennessee - looks like you're in good hands with those 2 - Now behave yourself girl - I warned them about your drinking - but I bet if you're nice they'll give you a shot of Kentucky Bourbon - otherwise - scoot on down to Oak Ridge - I've got some Jack Daniels waiting for you


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