Friday, June 5, 2009

Look Who We Met

Our local tv station WPSDTV Local 6 hosted a yard sale on May 30, 2009. The proceeds from the yard sale benefited Relay for Life. Alot of the news anchors and reporters were out helping with the yard sale. We asked one of the reporters, Jennifer Horbelt, if she would mind having her picture taken with Mollie and Bobo. Jennifer agreed but Bobo didn't and looked away just as I took the picture. Such a silly boy.
Thats one for the scrapbook!
"Come on mom lets get going...There are more yard sales to get to."


  1. Oh!

    He's been studying under Stormy of The AO4's photo khlass!
    We are NOT supposed to make it easy on the hoomans!

    Woo might want to do some reading up:


  2. oh my - perhaps bobo felt he needed to hide from someone -


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