Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Layout and Updates

Well after a few hours of tinkering with the code I finally got my layout finished. I used a background from thecutestblogontheblog.com. The header came from the same website but edited by me. I just love how everything turned out.


I also got Pink Baby's Travel Card updated and added to the left hand side of my blog.


I also added a link to Mollie and Bobo's Dogster pages. Feel free to request to be pup pals, with Mollie and Bobo, if you also have a dogster account.



  1. It looks furry nice!

    Tank woo fur pupdating Pink Baby's Travel Khard!
    I've already pupdated my link!

    I hope she's ready to have lots of fun with woo!


  2. we used this background for a while - we like it ! looks good - Did you find your award on our blog?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Katie, Mollie and Bobo - I like your layout... tell me, are any of you interested in squirrel hunting??

  5. Hi Katie, I'm Al, actually you picked the right layout and it'awesome, ribbons and polka dots.

  6. Your page looks great Katie very pretty


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