Monday, June 1, 2009

Pink Baby is Coming to Kentucky

I have been following the travels of a little stuffy dog named Pink Baby. It all started in Hopkinton, Massachusetts where Pink Baby's owner Kylie wanted to send her on an adventure to meet some doggie bloggers. For the full story go to Miss Kylie's Blog.

I was the first to answer Ruby and Penny's post so we get to host Pink Baby for one week. Mollie and Bobo are excited to meet Pink Baby and show her around our neck of the woods!



  1. hope you enjoy Pink Baby - she had a lot of fun while in Tennessee - she's quite fond of Tennessee Whiskey - so watch out if you've got any Kentucky Bourbon around

  2. w00fs, nice to meet u iz rocky!! hope u has fun wiff pink baby...

    b safe,

  3. I'm sure woo will show her khwite the fun times!


  4. WOooF! I am furry sorry it has taken me so long to come over and introduce myself and thank you for offering to host my dear Pink Baby!! Silly Mommy and her back has been having lots of problems. I am thrilled to meet you and I will be posting on my blog that Pink Baby is heading your way! Can't WAIT to see what fun thing you get to do together!!



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