Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 St. Louis Pet Expo P. 2 of 6

As you remember we got locked up at the Petco in St. Charles, MO

Well it turns out that grandma and momma went gambling! Ever since we our 2010 trip they wanted to visit the Ameristar Casino so they hatched the little Petco plan.

Once inside they said it was like a city. There were restaurants, gift shops, a hotel, and the casino.

The casino was what they came for so....

They put some kibble monies in the machines hoping to win big.

What kind of machine is this? Kitty Glitter? What the heck?

Well the kitties won and momma cashed out and headed fur another machine.

She saw this machine and it looked fun.

OOH! She won 2 credits!

Grandma won 15 credits!!!

They played in the casino for about an hour but didn't win big. Then they decided to check into the hotel. We stayed at the same hotel we did last year, America's Best Value Inn.

Then after like a billion and two hundred hours the groomer called momma and said we were ready for pick up and that we were excellent babies!!!

So how do I look?

*RUB* Gotta get that perfume smell off of me *RUB*


Ok now that my hair has been re-floofed and I am no longer nekkid I am ready to go to ANIMAL CRACKERS!

Oh I feel a head rub coming on!!!!

*HEAD RUB* Yep that feels good!!!!

See I am going cRaCkErs for Animal Crackers!!!!

Fuzz? What fuzz?

I'm done now! BOL

We typed the address into the handy dandy iPhone and... 4 easy turns and a quick trip on the highway we arrive at Animal Crackers.

We checked the rawhide...

...Toys and Bones...
...Saw some tiny doggie figurines...

...Some too cute hair bows...

...and some fabulous fashions.

Yet didn't find anything we needed. But we did take a free copy of "Tame" the pet magazine.

And look what was advertised on the back. Yep the St. Louis Pet Expo.

Then we headed to the hotel. We are in room 224. Last year we were in room 222.

Unfortunatly the hotel was horrible and it was so hot in our room with no air conditionier we could barely sleep and the front desk person said to open a window. Yea its raining dude. What the heck?!?!? So we didn't get to stay the extra night or get to attend the extra costume pawty at three dog bakery but at lease we got to sleep at home after the expo. That was nice. Momma is still in talks with the rude lady to get a partial refund cause they charged us for the entire stay not just the 1 night we actually stayed. Hope she can get some kibble monies back from those mean peoples!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: Be sure to come back tomorrow for part 3 which will have the Expo pictures!!!! Plus we got to meet a real celeb and fur-celeb!


  1. OH you two look just Fabulous after your furs doo.

    Sorry they were MEAN to your mom and that it was too HOT.

    I'll be back tomorrow..

  2. Hmm, that hotel doesn't sound like any fun, but everything else looks great! I love you new furs & your craziness to get the grooming stink off of you.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. you guys are betting now shopping til you drop, BOL
    Benny & Lily


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