Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thinking on Saturday

As the fall weather is drawing to an end and Winter is headed our way, I was thinking a lot of changes are coming our way.

The bees and other yucky bugs will no longer be invading our space.

Grooming the yard will be come a distant memory.

As we were looking for a picture of the mower we found a whole set of photos in the "To be Blogged" folder that we furgot to post a few months ago. So here we go...

I hope those aren't the new dog grooming clippers!!!!

Whats going on over there?

Mollie they are taking all the sticks from the yard! I will have no sticks to eat!

During the lawn grooming process the big mower died and we had to call in back up to get it started again!

After grandma finished mowing we got the burn pile ready....

...and had us a fire!

As much fun as grooming the yard is I am looking forward to Christmas, snow, and Santa Paws! But for now we are heading home after our walk. Ooh look the Rosin Horses!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo
*Thought Thinker*


  1. The only sign of Fall around these parts is leaves on the ground. It's still pretty warm out.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  2. Mollie Jo your sweet little head is full of excellent thoughts. OMC thank goodness those clippers weren't for you!!
    MOL and hugs from your BFFF,

  3. It's pretty warm here, too. No real fall/winter weather yet. It is kind of cold at night but we're in bed then so it doesn't really matter. We like it when Dad cuts the grass here. We walk behind him and roll in the fresh smell. Mom hates that!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  4. Yep, it is cold here too. I thinks that winter came here like months ago!

    I is gonna miss my honey bees though, I love listening to them buzzin in my lavender bushes.

    You get nice and warm now fur winter Mollie Jo and Bobo!

    woos, Tessa

  5. you did a great job snoopervising the yard grooming
    Benny & Lily


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