Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 St. Louis Pet Expo P. 5 of 6

Today's post begins in the Cyber Cafe. This was our midday break spot and where we had lunch.

We also caught up with grandma's co-worker Angie and her doggie Scout. This is Angie and Scouts first expo.

We had some mini milk bones from one of the vendors and checked and pupdated facebook.

We didn't get to taste this, remember I had a problem hitting the BBQ sauce at one time, but momma said it was the best BBQ ever.

After all that food we took a lil nap...

...Then hit the last of the booths. Tagg was one booth we stopped by and I think I know a cockapoo that this might be good for.

Potty bells. Hmm Maybe Frankie's new puppy Ernie might needs some of these.

And Bark Central. Its a pet resort. Hmm...We have never been to a resort sounds fun!!!

Then it was time to hit the Entertainment Stage again for some listen to some informative speakers.

First was Viola, the rescue dog turned obedience dog.

She was accompanied by her mom and trainer. She was very well behaved but her mom said at one time she was deemed "hyper-active". She knew a lot of tricks too!!!!

After Viola Furry Ferret Rescue took the stage to raise awareness that Ferrets make great pets. This was our first time getting to see and experience ferrets and ya know what if you can get past the "looks kinda like a long squirrel" thing they are pretty cool fun little creatures.

After the speaker left the stage we asked if we could pet one and oh boy are they soft!!! This little guys name was Stinky but he didn't smell. We sniffed him.

And the Pit Bull Awareness group took the stage. This is something we are passionate about as no dog or human for that matter should be discriminated against or feared based on looks. One thing they talked about that shocked us was how many cities right there in the St. Louis area has BSL. She listed over 10 cities.

The last speaker of the day was none other than PIT BOSS and Hercules. And we had a front row seat!!!!

Shorty spoke about spay/neuter, his life, his rescue, Hercules, the myths of pit bulls and his show. Did you know Pit Boss is coming back on in JAN 2012?!?!?!?! Well now you do so be sure to set the DVRs. You know we will!
(c) Lynn Terry Photography

Hercules was such a good boy. And simply handsome too!!!

This Doberman girl couldn't keep her eyes off of him. BOL

During the time the speakers were on stage I noticed a few things...
(C) Lynn Terry Photography

This St. Louis Pet Expo Staffer's shoes were really tall. How can she walk in them?!?!?!

And that this is a picture of "parenting" at its finest! This little 2 legger was sitting next to us at the entertainment stage all day screaming, bumping into us, and flat out being a BRAT. Really this "parent" should have removed the kid from the expo. It plainly states on the flyers that any misbehavior will lead to removal from the expo. Come on people enforce the rules!

All too soon it was time for the Trick Competition. I clowned around with my hula hoop! I did sit, down, high five, and twirl in my hoop then jumped through it!!!

This is the other fur-celeb we met at the expo. Its none other than Ziggy-the adoptable dog from right here in blogville. Can you believe it??? He even entered the trick contest.

He bowed his head and prayed for the homeless animals! The crowed loved him and he took home 1st prize. Congrats Ziggy!

After his stage show Laurie brought him over so we all could meet him. He is a sweet boy! This was our first time meeting a blogger in the furs! Way cool paws!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Pee Ess: Come back tomorrow for the conclusion to our story and the HOTTEST fashion trend I tried out at the expo!!!!!


  1. What a day. You guys must be exhausted
    Benny & Lily

  2. We have a furend that has their two leggers trained to the PeePee Bell thingy. When one of them rings the BELL their two leggers RUN and OPEN the door fur them. BUTT I'm not gonna train Ernie to that beclaws... Well, I have mom and dad on the TIMER System... which goes Paw in Paw with Ernie's Cheese fur Pees program.

  3. Oh you look so cool in your clown outfit!

    You should have won for sure!


  4. Mee finks mee woods likes one ovs dem potty bells , hmmm must gets DML too looks into dem, wee agree wivs Luna yoo shood havs wun furst prize butts yoo is such a graceful loser Mollie which makes yoo a winner to us.

    Ronnii, Izzy & Uji
    xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

  5. That was really a great day for you! Everyone showed their talent with their Mom and Dad, that was really awesome! I hope you really have fun!

    Dog Fence | It's all About Pet Fences

  6. Wish it wasn't so far away...we would LOVE to attend something like that!!! So glad that you guys were able to go and take pics so we could see what was happening!!! You look positively adorable in your clown outfit!!! And you always look best dressed in your stroller! Thanks for sharing all the cool happenings!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Mollie Joe and Bobo
    What a fun Expo that must have been. So many things to smell. Mom has been threatening to got to a shoe store to try on some of the 'killer shoes'. Just to see how they feel there is no way in this world she'd buy them
    Hugs Madi

  8. Yep, I have to agree with the others that you were adorable in your clown costume and so talented. If Ziggy didn't get the sympathy vote for being a deaf and homeless pibble, I'm quite sure you would have won (and it would have been well-deserved!) It was so great to meet you at the expo - you're the first blogging dog I've ever met in person!


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