Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 St. Louis Pet Expo P. 6 of 6

EEK this is part 6 of 6 on post 666. Thats too many 6's.

Anyhoo superstitions aside are you ready for the finale of our expo adventure?

First up is Musical doggie chairs. We didn't pawticipate as we didn't have anyone to watch the buggy. Grandma and Bobo went out to take a break from all the excitement and such. Anyhoo it was fun to watch!

This girl was all dressed up.

Is that a feather in her hair?

He is the "RALLY SQUIRREL" Quite creative.

There they go around the chairs. Now the funny thing is the music was the Spice Girls. Some girl band from the '90s way before my time but made it momma laugh!

Good job Mr. Lab!

And the winner was the border collie. He won a big bag of goodies!

After the musical chairs we stopped the little pom mix to ask her about her feather and her mom told us that she got it done at a booth on the far left side. So we trotted (or in my case strolled) right over to the Paws and Relax booth.

Picked a feather

And after momma paid $1 I got it placed in me ear.

Quite stunning if you ask me. Now your probably thinking it doesn't match you outfit....Can't go around all mis-match-ie (Mollie-ism). Well in only 25 minutes the costume contest was starting and red would go nice with my outfit.

So after getting my feather extension I took the rest of the 20 minutes before the costume pawty to count some milk bones (like counting sheep but better).

Then we headed to the arena!

There were hippos...

...static cling....

...Big bird and Oscar!
(C) Lynn Terry Photography

And of course CHIQUITA!!!!

Sadly they huddled us all in the ring and didn't give everyone a chance to see all the dogs before voting so I was upset not everyone, including my own momma got to see me twirl, but I still had fun.

Big bird and Oscar won first prize!!!

So after the expo we couldn't stay in the hotel and had to drive all the way home in the dark but it was nice to be in me own bed.

The next day we modeled our new collars and my new jammies from Sassy Classy Collars. Momma went back after the costume contest to surprise me with them. They are pink! I love them.

Even though a few things went awry it was a ton of fun and I enjoyed my weekend in St. Louis!!! Especially meeting Ziggy and the PIT BOSS!!!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

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  1. So glad you had such a great time! My mommy saved the pic of you with the pit boss on her phone..She said look at the things Bobs grrrfriend gets to do! SO awesome!


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