Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Scootering Weekend

We woke up Saturday morning and were met with beautiful blue skies and temps in the upper 40's. By the afternoon the sun was shining down on our area and the temps got into the mid 50's!

Momma are you thinking what I am thinking? OH boy she was! We pulled the scooters out and went SCOOTERING!!! Been months since we had a good long walk.

For the momentous occasion I wore my Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Tag that I got for Christmas 2010....

...Uncle Puppy wore his fashionable head collar...

...and Lilac joined us for her first ever scooter ride. She took the basket seat!

We took out! Even my shadow came with us on this most wonderful walk.

Brownie and Midnight were out sunbathing when we trotted by.

Lilac took a fancy to the big horses. Brownie posed so nice with Lilac.

Midnight thought she smelled oh so nice. She has her own special lilac perfume.

Would ya look at this Donky?!?! Practicing for Mango Minster 2012.

The Donkeys were thrilled we had come to see them.

These two told Uncle Puppy they missed hearing his tAlL tAiLs and asked if he had any to tell.

~~!!~~!!~~Fading in Uncle Puppy~!!~~!!~~
Let me try to get this stupid thing off my nose so I can speak.

WHATEVER! Ok Donkeys young and old I shall tell you 'bouts a most cRaCkEr doggie named...Uncle Puppy. This young most handsome Cockapoo nominated himself to enter the bestest ever competition in all of Blogville called Mango Minster. He told all of Blogville about his CrAcKeR-ness and even had pictures to accompany his story.

Like how he makes him self all miniature and hides in the grass then springs out to go all CrAcKeR on the poodles he shares his home with. Like this:

~~!!~~!!~~Fading crazy Uncle Puppy out~~!!~~!!~~

Oh those Donkeys had such a great time listening to his tails!

After visiting the the Donkey's I was quite tired and got in my scootering basket.

In some sad news Huskawawa's full figured Mastiff brother is gone. We did notice that the Mastiff's electric fence collar was now being worn by the Huskawawa and his yard now has flags around the parameter. He still gave us a good barking and...

...Huskawawa has a new fur-sibling too.

Alright Lilac its time to head home!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo & Uncle Puppy & Lilac

Pee Ess: We have even more pictures of our most wonderful weekend so come back tomorrow and we shall share them with all of you!


  1. I think those donkeys were unimpressed by Uncle Puppy, but you are right, they would be great contestants for MM 2012.


  2. Teehee! You guys are SO CUTE!!! I think Uncle Puppy is totally crackers (do the donkeys tell him stories, too?), but he and Abby would probably create a perpetual motion machine if they ever met (but I bet they'd both sleep hard when they finally fell asleep!). I'm glad that your weather has been so nice that you were able to get out for a good walk! I love your bright pink harness - Very Cute (and Quite Stylish). And I'm glad Lilac was able to spend some quality time with the horses! All in all, it looks like a fantastic walk! Dad's been sickie, so while our weather has been warmer (it was 45 yesterday!!!), we've just been amusing ourselves in the backyard.

    Apparently my Mom and your Mom are engaged in some clandestine activity, but she wants me to tell you that her rescue of choice is the Friends in Need Animal Sanctuary (they take in dogs, cats, horses, llamas - you name it, if it needs a home they provide it) Mom says she'll "be in touch" (whatever that means! *grin*)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. A lovely outing on a beautiful day. I am glad that Lilac was able to come along. I thought UP's story was most entertaining. And.. sooooo true.

  4. Looks like you guys got to have a most wonderful day! All kinds of friends to visit!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  5. We like your donkey neighbors very much...we are going to have to get us one of those!!


  6. I know the donkeys wanted to hear Uncle Puppy's stories! Hmmm....
    Glad you all had a pawesome time!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. We had some warmer weather during the week but it has been freezing this weekend! It sure looks like you guys had a good time. Do you ever bark at the horses or donkeys?

  8. What a great day for an adventure. Lola would be barking at all those farm friends. Glad to see the sun was out and you all were able to get out and about.


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