Friday, June 29, 2012

The Official Doggy Room

 After two weeks its finally finished!  Welcome to our DOGGY ROOM!

Of course the sign says it all!

 This is momma's work station.  We each have a basket for collars that have been worn and need to be put up in their color specific container.

We got these pawsome mats at Tuesday Morning a few months ago.  They were the perfect addition to the work station.

Just above the work station we have our professional portraits.

 So while momma is working she can look at our beautiful selves all the time!

Grandma had been planning this special project for some time and when we moved into the Doggy Room she surprised momma and me with this shadow box.  We now have officially retired the flapper costume and it is displayed on the wall with some of my ribbons!

Of course we had to put up momma's diploma.  We helped her study for years to get this!!!

Our Doggy Bags.

Momma's dog tag collection bags.  She collects dog licenses, dog tax tags and old name tags.  

Our entire wardrobe.  It took 4 packs of 10 hangers and 3 ten-cents rods!

 Here we have our box of retractable leashes, box of travel items, and medicine.

The left box and middle box are actually doggie themed sewing caddy's.  

In the green tote we have our tags and charms.  In the little black bag is our grooming supplies.  And on the shelf we have shoes, back packs, and my tutu!

In our snapware boxes we have our leash, collar and harness collection.

Top shelf we have easter baskets and snuzzy mats.  On the bottom shelf we have a big tennis ball and Doodle the dummy dog.

 Here we have our book/trophy shelf and stuffy buddy shelf.

 Last but not least we a shelf featuring my poodle suitcase, my tea pawty photo, and three little bottles for sand.  We hope to visit the beach some day!

To top off my day I was featured on the news.  I sent in my "Beating the Heat" photo.  Today the temps got up to 106!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo


  1. Love it! I want a room like that! :D


  2. Wow! I think you have more outfits than I do! I can see why you would need that room to organize all your outfits. How cool to have the shadow box for your flapper costume.


  3. What a great room.

  4. You have your own room! How exciting!

  5. Oh my giddy aunt , I am coming over to yours. Fabulous. Have a great Saturday!
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow! You have your very own doggy room, too! That is awesome! We love our room and we bet you will love your room too. We think you room is pawesome! You have all sorts of great storage. You must have a super organized Mom. Our Mom is NOT organized at all. She wishes she was, though.
    ~Milly and Shelby

  7. OMD, you have your own room??? My mom needs to pick to the pace and get me my own room! BTW, it looks like the most pawesome room ever! Enjoy it!



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