Monday, June 25, 2012

Pet Sitting Weekend

 Oh my dog we had a busy busy week last week.  That would be why our blog was a bit...well...slow.  Any hoo!  Here we go.  Grandma was on vacation.  We loved that!!!!  We got lots of extra cuddle time and walks.  Jiggles was ADOPTED by a loving family.  He seems to be fitting in quite well and they have had nothing but fun things to say bouts him little maltese self.  Such as he is trying to be pro tennis ball player, and loves sitting with his new human sister.  Oh and they renamed him Gizmo.  Love that name!!!

Now on to the main topic which is momma's Pet Sitting Clients.  She was furry busy with 3 bookings during a 5 day period. Which consisted of 15 dogs, 1 fish and 1 kitty cat.  OH MY DOG!  And so I turn it over to momma so she can share her stories.  *Runs off to finish the doggie room*  (more on that tomorrow's post)

Hello furry furiends and doggie pawrents!  I am thrilled that the pet sitting service via the vet clinic is taking off.  I couldn't believe that we had 3 bookings last week.  

First was the Tinsley booking.  We have Rascal the lab.  Oh he was a big ol' sweetie!  Wanted head pats and ear rubs.

 Cookie the petite poodle/terrier mix.  She had soft and wavy hair. 

And she was a tennis ball nut like Miss Mollie Jo!!!

And last but not least Miss Princess.  She is a beagle mix who LOVES tummy rubs.

Most of my visits...after I fed, watered and let the dogs out....were spent playing ball with Miss Cookie. 

 She would bring it to me, drop it in my hand, then...

....Sit and wait for me to throw it.  

Occasionally Rascal would get in her way and demand some of the attention.  And really how can one resist those dreamy lab eyes?!?!?!?

Miss Princess spent most of her time in my lap getting her belly rubbed.  But she did....

...Spend some of her time at her window making sure all things were well in her yard!

Oh I almost forgot the fish.  I had to care for him as well.  He is a little crown tail Betta fish.  He was a lovely shade of blue and red.  

Next we have the Flenner Booking.  In this booking I had a single cat to care for, Miss Sophie the calico.  She greeted me at the door with purrs and meows.  

I loved her soft fur and unique markings.

The family left a mouse toy for me and Sophie to play with.  Here she is stalking the toy as I twirled it around the room.

 and Attack!!!!

 After the game she found a good napping spot.

And that brings us to the Morrison booking.  Here we have Precious (back left tan and white), Prissy (back right black and tan), Genghis (Middle Basset Hound) and Moo Moo (Front Basset Hound).  I fell in love with Bassets at this moment.  I love those big floppy ears!!!! OH MY DOG!!!

Genghis was a talker and told me all about it!!!  Just look at that face!!!!

Here is momma Trinity.  She would not leave her post......

....Yep she was keeping watch over her litter of basset puppies.  And she has her paws full with 3 boys and 4 girls, a total of 7 puppies!!!  They were exactly 1 week old in this picture.  They had little tiny basset ears and made little puppy squeaking noises that made me melt! 

I loved meeting all the new Pet Sitting Clients and the pets, all 17 of them! One client followed up and told me things were well taken care of and if I am free later this year they would love to have me back.  :))

So I will let you all go back to ooh and ahh over the baby basset picture now and Mollie will be back tomorrow with a post about a new room in our house.  

(the momma)


  1. Wow, you really had your paws full. I agree, I won't be able to resist those dreamy eyes either. Nice meeting you. I am new to blogville. Come visit us some time.

    I'll be back,

  2. First, yeah for Jiggles/Gizmo and his new home. All that pet sitting looks like fun. Your clients looked like very well behaved pets.


  3. Did the bassets smell like potato chips? I heard from at the Atlanta Pet expo that Bassets smell like potato chips. We are very happy that Jingles has nice family to love him and take care of him.
    Sally Ann

  4. YOur doing great on your training, were so proud of you :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  5. a busy weekend! So happy Jiggles was adopted
    Benny & Lily

  6. Full house and we are happy to see Jiggles has an new home!
    Best wishes Molly

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