Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Training Tuesday (A Post from Mom)

 My dogs are very well behaved most of the time.  They go off leash for walks and are always off leash in the yard, they walk nicely on the leash in public, they sit for dinner, and they do tricks of all sorts. 

Not to say they don't have their bad behaviors.  One in particular has really had me stumped lately...like when people (especially Doggy Nanny/Uncle Puppy or Grandma) come in they get all excited and will nip one another or go to pin down/nip Uncle Puppy.  So we started "Visitor" Training.  When they alert me by barking at the window that they see a visitor coming I grab the treat bag and have them go sit in the large dog bed in the corner.  So far its worked and we have not had any incidents of nipping.  Once things have calmed down they are allowed to go greet the visitor in a nice manner. 

In working at a vet clinic I see all sorts of dogs and dog behaviors.  I see how useful muzzles are in protecting the vet/vet tech when they are doing their job.  I am an advocate of preventative measures rather that reactive measures.  Muzzle before and the dog isn't given the option to bite whether they have shown aggression before or not.  My dogs are always good at the vet but you never know what situation my require a muzzle so I began "Muzzle" Training.  I started this training by letting them sniff the muzzle then put a treat in the muzzle so they have to put their nose inside.  The next time I put it on and immediately took it off and gave a treat.  After that we began leaving it on for longer periods of time.  So far so good.  Both have pawed at it but I show them the treat again and they stop.  So now everytime they have the muzzle on as soon as it comes off they are rewarded.  They now view it as a positive experience. 

 Last but not least I also see at the vet clinic how some dogs are fearful of being kenneled as they have never been in one and its very scary looking.  Also if a natural disaster struck kenneled dogs are more welcome.  For years we have had crates in the house as little doggie dens with no doors and they use them quite often but being told to go inside and to stay was not something they were used to.  So I now have begun "Kennel" Training.  In the end I want to be able to say "KENNEL" and they go inside and wait until I tell them they can come out.  I began by putting the doors on their doggie dens and leaving the kennels where they always have been.  I then pointed at the kennel and when they go in I gave a treat.  Once they had that down I began pairing the word "KENNEL" when they would go inside and gave a treat. Today we began working on "KENNEL" and "STAY". So far we have had success!

Here are the doggie dens.  They have big foam pieces (inside of a pillow case) in the bottom with old pre washed sheets to cuddle in so that makes it more appealing to go inside.  

I love coming up with new training commands/behaviors for my dogs.  The latest three things are going to keep everyone safe and happy in any situation.  Remember any dog any age can learn new tricks/commands/behaviors.  Even at ages 10 & 11  Bobo and Mollie are picking this up with ease.  Just a few treats!

(The momma)


  1. Maybe every buddy should meet outside, then come inside together
    Benny & Lily

  2. Those are all great tips!!! Never thought of doing that! When I take Bob to the groomer he HATES going in the cage and bites it etc..I need to teach him that its ok..Thanks for opening my eyes!!

    Bobs Mom


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