Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Telling Tuesday - 2 Additional Dogs!?!?!?!?

One day last weekend Jiggles previous owner decided that 4 dogs was still too many and asked if we could help.  With a boarder ( at the time we had Smokie and two more coming the next week....More on that tomorrow) and Jiggles our plate was awfully full!  But mommas furiends came to the rescue...literally!  Tricia said she had been waiting to adopt a little yorkie girl.  One down one to go.  Then Krisit from the Benton Marshall HS said she had a pre-approved home for a small breed dog.  Oh my MILK BONE!  Both had homes straight away.  So we told the owner we could help and set out to pick them up. 

This is little Kit.  Jiggles previous owner got her as a breeder cast off from a local flea market. She was nervous bouts coming with us.

But with a few kind words from momma she came around. 

After momma bathed her and cleaned her ears she spotted something.  A tattoo!  She is number "250".  Not only was she a breeding dog she was a PUPPY MILL dog.  Only a puppy mill would have numbers this high and only a puppy mill would tattoo a dog.  Momma and I were shocked!  You read about this type of stuff all the time but seeing it in the furs totally rocked us both! To think when she was a wee lil pup some body did this to her is horrible.  The same day she was surrendered she went to her new home.  Thanks Tricia!!!

Just yesterday we spoke with Tricia and they have named this girl Macy and she is doing well.  Macy and Lucy (Tricia's other yorkie girl) have really become fast furiends.  Tricia has also taken her to the vet she is heartworm NEGATIVE and vetted now.  From puppy mill to loved pet.  I count this as a huge success!!!

The other dog surrendered to us was Casper a male Maltese.  Thanks Kristi for helping us with his adoption.  We sure appreciate it!  As soon as he was in Kristi's arms she called the pre-approved adopter and told her to come see him.  The minute she laid eyes on him she said he was the one she had been waiting for!

Kristi fostered Casper until his vet work could be completed.  Looks like he enjoyed his temporary home!!!  Guess what he was heartworm NEGATIVE as well and is now enjoying life in his new home.

Rescue is a hard business but its well worth all the effort!  A big thanks goes to the people who networked with momma to find these cuties homes and the adopters who took them in and love them!

As fur us....Its nap time!

Mollie Jo & Bobo

Pee Ess: Check back tomorrow for a special boarding dog post.  And in a special twist a former foster dog comes back to us.  But you will have to wait till tomorrow to read bouts them tails!


  1. You guys are so wonderful in your rescue work! Think of all the doggies that you have placed and are now loved! God Bless!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  2. It looks like from the last two pictures that all that work was exhausting. So glad you were able to find homes for those two so quickly.


  3. Wow, y'all are great and warm hearted little poodles to help all those cute little doggies. Poodle Power!
    Sally Ann and Andy

  4. This is just so heartwarming. I love to hear stories with such happy endings.

  5. Good STORY.. HAPPY END!! That makes my END...WAG!

  6. You are so generous to help those doggies find new homes. It makes me sad that puppy mills exist. Thank goodness that some of those poor doggies are saved and live the good life.


  7. Kudos to you for helping the pups. We just can not believe the puppy actually was tattooed ....nuts
    Benny & Lily


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