Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend at Woofstock

 Woofstock was held this past weekend on June 9th at the Carbondale Petco.  Friday we spent the entire day sifting through charms, clothes, and accessories looking for the perfect outfits.  We packed not one but 2 diaper bags for the trip!

 On the long car ride I rested on my chaise lounge. 

Mid-way through the trip I got dressed.

 But went back to napping....a girls gotta have beauty rest!

We were just miles from Petco when the bar lowered and a.... a train was rollin' down the track.

 Bobo had fun watching the big Choo choo train!

 Finally we arrived!

As we were walking up I saw a Humane Society booth and they had a rack of gently loved clothes.  You so know I was ALL over that!  I found two outfits.  One was a yellow and black tutu dress and the other was a Christmas outfit.

 The HS also had a Donation Dog,.  Very Clever!

Then we stopped by the Petco Booth.

And checked out the schedule.

The Beauty Contest was up first and we had to get out our formal wear.  

We even brought Jiggles with us.  He is a Peace Pup as well!

When Red Ruff showed up we knew...

It was time for Competition....We made sure grandma had the pupperoni!

Then we headed up to the booth.

There were lots of great entries...

...but I broke out in a dance.  Non of the other doggies danced for Red Ruff the judge.

Did I do good momma?

This cute girl won 2nd place.  Her name was Trixie.

 Together Bobo and I won 1st place!  Red Ruff wanted to pet us and say Congrats!

 After seeing Red Ruff we got our prize bag.

 Whew...We need some water!

 This is my happy face!

 As we were taking our water break we saw this little puppy and of course she is way to small to be out and about and probably has no shots and thats like way irresponable and all that but isn't she cute?!?!?  She was the size literally of a little mouse.  Eyes barely open. Momma got all oooh-ey and aaahhh-ey (Mollie-isms) over this one.

After the ooh and ahh fest we headed inside the store to sign up for the tricks contest and look what we were met with.  Its a snake!  Columbia boa to be exact.  He was part of a wildlife booth.  Momma was brave enough to touch it.  Me and Brother wanted no part of that!

We had an hour before the trick contest began so we headed to the car and look its the police!  Some hippie dogs must be getting crazy if they need security!

While in the car we checked the iBone and FaceBark.  No news.  But we changed out of our formal wear and back in to our peace wear.   

I donned my tutu, peace shirt, peace collar, peace leash and tag.  I am ready for the competition.

As I headed up grandma stayed with the boys and they did usual boy things.  Pee, sniff, pee, sniff!

Red Ruff even got a peace bandana.  2 paws up!

The pavement was awfully hot so I gots on pink heart mat to sit on. 

Then I twirled!

And twirled again!

 This German Shepard one up-ed me by hiding his face.  Hmm...That is awfully tricky behavior.

 While the Judges were deliberating a little girl and her mom came up to see what was going on and I twirled for her.  She squealed and I BOL-ed!  It was so cute!

I got second place!  I was happy to be second to the German Shepard that hiding trick was cute!  If you bigify my picture you will see the leash is all twisted up on my body.  BOL I twirled so much I gots tangled!

After the competition I returned to the table with the boys and we dug through my gift bag.  

We got peanut butter kong filler, Tillman's Treats (fabulous by the way), nail clippers and coupons.

And best of all I got ribbons!  These are going in my doggie book!

Whew what a day!

From my prize package I donated the nail clippers to a local groomer who helps us groom our fosters. Gotta take what you are given and paw if furward!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo, Jiggles and Bobo


  1. How fun!!! Congrats on your wins!!


  2. Man, you guys are cute! It looks like you both had a blast.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. As usual you blew away the competition. How could you not get first for the beauty contest?


  4. All I could say is we love you guys. Between your outfits, adventures and expressions?! What a fun event
    Benny & Lily

  5. OMD, what a day. I am so glad that you won so many pressies and ribbons cause you deserve them. You both looked fabulous my Pawsinistas!
    Wow Tillman treats, I didn't know he had treats.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. Well done, you certainly had an excellent day.
    Loved all the photos, you have a very good photographer.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  7. You did so well! What a great day you guys had. and pawing it forward to help out fosters is the best!

    You certainly were the cutest, Molly!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  8. Wow Mollie Jo, you are an pawesome performer!!



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