Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Worded Wednesday

So I just heard that the public pool is holding another Dog Day at the Pool on Aug 15th. So to get into the swimming spirit I decided to get a new layout and new header image.

The new header image features Bobo at last years Dog Day at the Pool event. It was their first time in a pool (other than the dirt pond next door). Bobo knew how to swim but Mollie sunk like a rock and had to be rescued. After about 20 minutes Mollie was doing the doggie paddle. So in 17 days we will be heading back for another swim.

Pee Ess: Mollie & Bobo decided to roll in "Country Stuff" and had to have a bath. So they are sitting on the porch sunning right now. They often will turn and glare at me for bathing them. BOL


  1. Make sure to shoot those daggers at her guts...Mommies can be EVIL sometimes....

    They are lucky they are so cute!!


    From Mom...Great Layout Katie!!

  2. Hi Mollie Joe and Bobo,

    Thanks for saying I could use your picture. Sorry I haven't been around much. Thye are killing Mommy at work and today was a 10th day in a row. Mommy is gonna use spotlight you tonigth and she's gonna see if she can find a picture of my cousin Tippy to post cause she' so pretty too.

    Mommy did a post about Micheal Vick on 07/22/09 if you want to read it. Pepare yourself for a awful picture but one that that to be shown & there is also a story about Gabby as we called her.


  3. Hey, not everydoggie likes to swim. No harm in that. I, personally, suspect I would sink swiftly to the bottom so I stay clear of the pool.


  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. They do that here at some of the pools on the last day before the pools are closed. Mom says we can't go because we would clog up the drains with all our fur:( She is just jealous because she can't swim.

    Love the new look - very nice colors and photos.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. I have not been convinced of the virtues of swimming. My Mom keeps giving me the spiel about having webbed feet and being descended from hunting dogs and all, but, I'm still not convinced..... But I hope you guys have fun! (Poor Mollie! And Mom still wants to give you guys lots of smoochies; I think you may be pawsonably responsible for me having another 'little' sister at some point!)

    *kissey face*

  6. Mommy and I love your new layout! After I get a bath I find some way to punish Mommy, but she never learns. We like to roll in stuff and smell stinky.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  7. We love the new layout and the new header picture! The Dog Day coming up will be so much fun for you guys!

    Tiffany & the Munchkins


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