Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Long End to the Back Log of Kennel Photos

Ahhh in the final stretch of the back log of kennel photos.  Its long but there are quite a few cute faces so you might want to stick around!

Max a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Bonnie Blue a member of the Spay/Neuter Club.  She had a way cool antique cat carrier. 

Smokey a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Cupcake and Muffin Members of the Spay/Neuter Club.  Sadly on a call back Cupcake wasn't doing well and when brought in for her recheck she died.  Rest in Peace little girl!

Kitty a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Prince a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Scooter and Beau didn't like their bath!

Arliss came in for a bath

Max a member of the Spay/Neuter Club.  This crazy pup was turning upside down and doing all sorts of crazy acrobatic moves once he was given the pre med.  After his surgery he began his crazy moves again.  Quite entertaining!

Mac (my first taxi dog) was sick and came in as a drop off and spent a few days with us.  Fun news was I was successful in catching pee in a blue cup from him.  A first for me!  YiPEE!!!!!  It was decided that with his health problems he would be able to be better cared by Mrs. McGuires daughter in TN.  So that afternoon they came to pick him up and take him to his new home.  I am sad to not be able to see him again, he was such a sweet boy. 

Shadow came in for a neuter and it was discovered that he had a tumor on his prostate so his owners decided it was best to let him be put to sleep.  The tumor was the size of a grapefruit.  Rest in peace Shadow!

Cleo came in for a bath.  EEK

She seriously walked into the tub with NO effort.

Laundry was bountiful and just when you think you finished your last load...

...You realize the hamper is overflowing!

Tink came in for hw treatment sporting a fantastic dress.  Mollie was quite thrilled to see such a fashionable doggie!

Brodie a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Star our neighbor and a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

June Bug had a hurt neck and later had to be PTS.  Rest in peace cutie pie. 

Chico a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Emily a member of the Spay/Neuter Club.  She was also de-clawed

Barney the Boston


Stewart Little


Back in the boarding suite...


Hunter the Frightened Boxer

Bear the Hyper puppy!

Sweet obedient Mia.  I open the back door and then her kennel door and tell her to go out and she goes.  She does the reverse when its time to come in.  Such a good girl!

The ever vocal Chomper

Mater and Stealie

Dancin Dalton

I brought Sally in from a potty break and told her to go to her kennel and she opted for the shelf.  :)

But after I showed her that her food was in her kennel she quickly changed her mind.  Yep they keep me smiling!

We have 2 yorkies....both named Max....oh my. 

Harry and Sweetpea

My cubby's are full!

And we upcycled this old kitty litter jug into a kibble jug.  Makes feeding dogs way easier!

Tuffy.  Once my favorite cat now on my bad kitty list.  I was bathing dogs one day and he didn't approve of all the canines so he turned his bottom to me and sprayed me on the back with urine.  Yep bad kitty!

Sweet Ashlee


Some of my other fun moments include being bit by a yorkie.  Again it didn't break the skin but he wasn't into having his nails cut.  I got my revenge and muzzled him.  LOL  

Dr. Flanary had me open a box of supplies that had been stored in a shed for a period of time and at every turn spiders kept popping out of the box.  The first one that came out I threw the box across the clinic.  The next one was dead and the last one some how made it to the back of the chair I was sitting on so when I got up I saw it and realized I spent 10 minutes sitting with a spider.  Yea not a good day at all!

We had a bulldog come in named Molly and I literally wrestled her to the ground to get her nails clipped.  It was quite a time!

A dental dog was placed on the floor to wake up and when Melissa turned her head Bongo got up and wandered around the clinic.  I found him by accident in the filing hall.  LOL  He looked so confused!

The clinic is an AWESOME place to work.  I love getting to meet all the pets and getting to learn new things about the thing I am passionate about....Dogs!



  1. Seems like never a dull moment at the clinic.


  2. It's all go over there. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Love the pictures of the dogs and cats, thanks for sharing them!

  4. Guess you never fall asleep on the job.

  5. Oh my goodness we love those furry kids
    Benny & Lily


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