Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun First Week of October

 October is here and so is some cooler weather and I LOVE IT!

In the kennels...

At the back of one of the big kennels in a door that leads to the grate in the back.  It has to be cleaned.  So I let Chomper out of his kennel and headed back.

 I turn around and what do I see yes Chomper behind me "helping".  As you can see its only lab size wide....not alot of room for both of us bud.

After some time he became board of this game and headed out.

Squeaky Zoey

Petey and Pixie Pie

Since its Fall Break week here I got a taxi call.  I picked up Zeke the lab and

Blue the Maltese.  I almost took him home with me.  He is just so cute with his little ears and fuzzy hair!  OH MY!

Fall break =  lots of kennel dogs

Extra full cubbys and even extending to the floor below! 

I got to care for a mange pup and give her a Mitabin Dip.  She has Demodex Mange and I hope this bath gave her some relief and will clear up her mange.

 Tonka came in for a bath and vaccinations.  Such a sweet pibble!

Seems like we have had a lot of huskies and that led to...

Mass ciaos and fluffy tails!   

I even brought my own dogs in.  Uncle had a bad upset tummy and got some meds and Bobo was due for his bi-yearly Kennel cough vaccine.  Neither were happy about that!

Last but not least we have a new program offering further education about various vet topics.  For each one we complete we get a bonus.  So I am up for some learning!



  1. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I bet Chomper was a big help. He looks like the helping kind.

  3. Chomper's heart was in the right place, though.
    Must be loud with all those barks.
    Love Noodles


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