Monday, October 8, 2012

Neuters, Baths and a Sugar Glider

Tuesday brought a big drop off of cats from the shelter to be neutered. 

While Dr. Rushing and Liz took care of them I got to the baths.  All 4 of them big dogs!!!! Yikes  After baths I put the towel on the kennel floor for them to lay on well Lucy decided Fancy didn't need one and took hers.  Sybilla ate her towel and Roscoe was a good boy! 

When Liz left for Lunch Dr. Rushing asked me to help her assist her while he was being neutered.  I was thrilled.  Its shocking how easy it is to neuter a cat. 

 Kimber was in for a UTI

 Clair Bear was in for a recheck

Another pic of Bailey from a couple posts ago.  He is so handsome.

Muffin talking.  

Scooter (the one eyed shih tzu) and Beau

 Scooter the poodle

Booger was sick and in the ISO ward.

Rennen a member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Harley member of the Spay/Neuter Club


 ...and Texas

And I forgot to remove scooters harness right away and well....he ate it!

Abby the smiling dog came in for another bath!



Nanook and her sisters (not pictured) came in for heartworm checks and all three were heartworm positive.  They opted for slow treatment.

 A local rescuer came in with her foster dog to get his picture taken for our facebook page.  We are hoping to find him a home.  His name is Badger.

 I cared for this girl for quite some time on one September Thursday morning.  Her name was Tinkerbell.  I held her for her blood draw and while we waited the results.  All results were good.

Baby member of the Spay/Neuter Club

 Vinny member of the Spay/Neuter Club

Sir Aurthur member of the Spay/Neuter Club (not pictured his brother Sockarusky)

Jagger the doggie with the ear infection.

 Puppy (big one) and Huey (little one)

Once Pippin heard about his brother Pepsi getting on the FVC website he had to come in and have his picture taken!!!!  Smart doggie!

To finish off a Friday afternoon....A sugar glider!!!!!!



  1. That glider is very cute.

  2. Cute! We like that last little thing
    Benny & Lily

  3. Have a terrific Tuesday and we hope Sammy is settling in.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Harley is so cute. I'm so glad people are bringing their pets to get spayed and neutered.


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