Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sammy's Dental Day

Once I got Sammy home I knew his teeth had to be cleaned.  However I didn't want him to have to spend the day there or be put in a cage so I talked to Melissa and asked her if I could just stay there with him.  She said of course and I was relieved!

So 2 weeks after he came home I drove him to the vet clinic on my day off to have his teeth cleaned.

Why is I back heres.  I wanna lives wiff yous!

He sat on the treatment table with his tail tucked and when he heard a kennel door close...he whipped his head around!  I think it scared him.  Then I know it was so worth it to stay there with him!!!

He had to be weighed so he could get his premed injection.  He is a whole 6.4 lbs. 

Melissa asked if I could handle him while he got the premed.  He didn't even flinch at it.  Then she asked if I could handle helping hold him so she could tube him.  Yep no problem.  She masked him then we tubed him and he was under.

Before she began the dental she microchipped him. 

Here is his before.  Yucky brown toofers.

Here is the after picture.  Pretty pearly whites!

He cried after he came off the anesthesia and that was hard to hear.  But after a minute he calmed down and gave me a tongue shot!

Once he was checked by Dr. Flanary he was released and we went home to let him sleep it off!

I bet his mouth feels better now.  

At least I have another month before his vaccinations are due so he doesn't have to go back for a while.



  1. Sammy now you have pearly whites. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a big difference. I'm sure he was happy to have you there holding his paw.


  3. His little face is just so cute! The funny thing about this post is that I had my little chihuahua's teeth cleaned yesterday and it was neat to see a little behind the scenes look at what she went through.

    I'm so glad Sammy is with someone who loves him so much.

  4. Sammy, you're one lucky pup to be gettin' so much lovin!

  5. That is great that you got to be there. I know that would make me feel better if my MOM could be with me.

  6. Sammy you were a very brave boy! Now the chicks will dig your smile.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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